Can pregnant women eat this "dish"?If you want to be good for the fetus, you can eat it like this

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After many women are pregnant, not only are they "cautious" in life, but their diet is "strictly controlled."I remember that I found that pregnancy was spring. At that time, my husband checked all kinds of information every day. What can you eat during pregnancy and what you can’t eat.

The most impressive is "Tudou". The potatoes in the previous year were easy to grow bud in spring, and then he told my mother every time not to give me "long bud potatoes".Then my mother told me in the back to the ground, "The conditions were not good before, and the potato buds were still eating in spring."" ".

However, although my mother said so, she never gave me old potatoes. When she started selling new potatoes in the market, she bought a new one and came back for me.

Regardless of whether it is a potato with buds, any food becomes "cautious" after pregnancy. Before eating, I will come up with the idea of "can I eat". Today, I met a pregnant mother and asked me "Whether pregnant women can eat kelp can eat kelp."?

The answer is yes: under normal circumstances, of course, there is no harm.

"Kelp" belongs to seaweed foods, and nutrition is very good and suitable for pregnant mothers.Let’s talk about the nutrition of kelp first:

① Rich iodine

We all know that iodine is good for promoting fetal brain development.In particular, pregnant mothers with "thyroid dysfunction" should pay attention to proper iodine supplementation.

If the pregnant mother deficiency during pregnancy, it will affect the intellectual and physical development of the fetus. Even after the baby is born, the development of intelligence and physical development will also be affected at the infant stage. As usual, the "small symptoms" are very harmful.

Pregnant mothers "iodine supplementation", in addition to eating kelp appropriately, can also eat seaweed, sea fish, shellfish, etc.

② Contains other trace elements

In addition to iodine, the kelp also contains trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, etc. These nutrients are also good for supplementing nutrition to the fetus and promoting the healthy development of the fetus.

③ rich in dietary fiber

When eating kelp, we have deep feelings, not very good chewing. This is a rich dietary fiber in kelp. From this point of view, it is suitable for pregnant mothers who are very suitable for pregnancy.constipate.

Although it is advocated that pregnant mothers should eat more kelp during pregnancy, there are still some precautions that need to remind pregnant mothers.

① When selecting kelp, pay attention to food safety, and choose high -quality and safe kelp;

② The kelp contains iodine, and it cannot be eaten too much at a time. It is easy to cause indigestion or overweight iodine load. Nausea, vomiting, and bloating occur. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to diverse diet, balanced nutrition, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.Do not partial eclipse or picky eaters;

③ Kelp is a cold food, and pregnant mothers who have weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, and often diarrhea must eat less or not;

④ If hyperthyroid women have "hyperthyroidism" before pregnancy, if they are not allowed to eat iodine foods and seafood during pregnancy, they must first test the thyroid function.

1. Do soup and drink

Kelp is called longevity dishes. You can make soups during pregnancy, such as melon kelp soup, radish kelp soup, shredded pork kelp soup, pork ribs of kelp soup, meatball kelp soup, tofu kelp soup, etc., while pregnant mothers drink some soup during pregnancyNutrition and water replenishment can also help relieve constipation and edema.

2. Cold mix

The kelp can also be boiled, cut into shreds, and eat it directly. You can be mixed directly with other dishes.Just make cold dishes.

3. Stir fry, stew, eat

Kelp can also be fried, such as braised kelp, shredded pork kelp, kelp stewed potatoes, kelp stewed chicken, kelp stewed meat, kelp stewed soybeans, kelp stewed trotters, etc.

You can cook the kelp in boiling water for a while, and you will not be too hard when you eat it. Stewed and eat for a long time, and the taste will be relatively soft.

Kelp is a kind of well -nutritious seafood. It is not only a woman who is pregnant. Infertility people can also eat kelp often to supplement nutrition. Women often eat kelp, which can help prevent and alleviate breast hyperplasia. ThereforeWomen may wish to eat more.

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