Can pregnant women do a yin -type B -ultrasound?This kind of B -ultrasound misunderstanding, one article explains you clearly

When female friends find that menstruation has been delayed for many days, she often doubts whether she is pregnant, and then go to the pharmacy to buy test strips to test, but the accuracy of the test strip is not 100 %. If you want to accurately judge and understand the number of pregnancy weeks, you still have to pass the number of pregnancy weeks.In this way of B -ultrasound, many women have made difficulties in how to choose between Yin B -ultrasound and ordinary B -ultrasound.

Ms. Qin felt that her body was not very comfortable in the past two days, and she was a bit low -heat. She didn’t want to eat. She speculated that she was pregnant, so she went to the hospital for examination. The doctor asked her to do a yin -type B -ultrasound.On the other hand, I was worried that if I was really pregnant, whether Yin Chao would hurt the child, so I ran to other hospitals to do ordinary B -ultrasound.

Is the Yin B -ultrasound really so terrible?It may be that you have misunderstood. Let ’s take you to understand the characteristics and differences between the two B -ultrasound.

【Yin -style B -ultrasound】


Discovery from vagina

Take time consumption

Precise and intuitive, you can see the uterus and attachment disease

Can find early pregnancy in advance

【Ordinary B -ultrasound】

Examination in the abdomen

Take time consumption

Some details are not clear

After comparison, it can be found that the two inspections are different and the accuracy rate is different. Compared with the former, the former is more advantageous. If it is an ectopic pregnancy and scar pregnancy, it is impossible to have time to urinate.Slowly, in order to ensure the safety of maternal and infants, it is more appropriate to do yin super.

1. Healthy women cannot do yin super, it is not clean, it is easy to get vaginitis

Everyone can rest assured that all the examinations are safe and standardized. Doctors will lay a disposable cushion under the patient’s body. There is a condom outside the probe. In addition, there will be disinfection without risk of infection.Some female friends feel that it is a bit itchy after finishing the inspection, which may be allergic to latex or psychological effects. It can be cleaned with warm water, and the symptoms of discomfort will soon disappear.

2. The Yin -style B -ultrasound is very painful, and it is very embarrassing. Can you do it?

It feels that the pain is mainly too nervous, the body does not relax, and if you are worried that your privacy will be seen, your body will be rejected.It is recommended that you check the information on the Internet before doing inspections, learn about relevant knowledge, and know what steps that may happen, and you will not feel pain in your heart.

3. Pregnant women cannot do yin super, and may have a miscarriage

The probe is generally about 4 cm in the body. It can not reach the uterine cavity, and there is still a certain distance in the fetus, so pregnant women can do it, and it does not have radiation. It is very safe without worrying.Some people have finished inspection and found that the underwear has blood stains. It is suspected that it is caused by the examination. In fact, it cannot be said, because some women have a weakness and the embryo is not developing well. It is already dangerous.Embryo abnormal conditions.

Women who are afraid of embarrassment can discuss with the doctor, can they change a female doctor for themselves, and do not refuse to check because of embarrassment.Women with relatively small gestational weeks, or women with more abdominal fat, are not accurate to do ordinary examinations, and are more secure for yin, while unmarried women who have signs of bleeding are not suitable for yin super.

Go to the toilet light and discharge urine to avoid the embarrassment of leakage. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the menstrual period. Not only is it unsanitary, but it is also easy to interfere with the doctor’s judgment. I believe that every female friend can understand.

If the gynecological external drug is being used, the day before the examination should be stopped to avoid affecting the results.Don’t be too nervous the night before, think too much and can’t sleep too much. It’s not that you are doing yin super alone, and there are more people, so there is no need to be embarrassed because of a check.

Do not eat spicy and greasy foods before checking, do not stay up late, do not exercise for a long time, take a bath at night to go to bed early, and the next day will be good. Whether you are pregnant or not, before you are not sure, stay up late, stay up late, and eat garbage.Foods are not desirable. We must be responsible for yourself, complicated to your baby, and do not regret yourself.

It is recommended to wear skirts or loose clothes on the day of inspection to facilitate wear and take off and prevent people from spend more time.Examination is usually in the morning. Do not need an empty stomach in the morning, so everyone should eat a nutritious breakfast. Don’t hungry your stomach to check for inspection.Now during the epidemic, don’t forget to do personal protection and maintain social distance.

The technology of Yin -style B -ultrasound is quite mature and very safe, and it will not cause damage to the body and fetus of female friends. Most people dare not do it.This is the first step in the inspection, and there are many inspections, as well as finger inspection, reception, etc. If you always think about embarrassment and embarrassment, how can you do it?If you want to pass these things, you will not be afraid to do whatever check in the future. Actively cooperating with your doctor is to be responsible for health.

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