Can patients with ovarian chocolate cysts still get pregnant?

Speaking of chocolate, most people immediately think of love, romance, sweetness … but a terrible disease in obstetrics and gynecology has a hypocritical name -ovarian chocolate cyst.And this chocolate and romantic and sweet love have no half dime.

What is ovarian chocolate cyst?

Chocolate cysts are a common type of endometriosis. The ectopic endometrium of the uterine cavity grows in the ovaries. With the regulation of ovarian hormones, periodic growth and falling into "menstruation"Outside the body, the human body considers that it is a foreign body, which will be wrapped around the surrounding tissue (fallopian tube, uterus, intestinal tube, etc.) or generated fibrous tissues.

A wrapped cyst will form in the ovaries in January, the cysts are the "menstrual blood" accumulated for a long time. Because of its color and shape like melting chocolate, because I do not know which romantic scientist takes himA hypocritical name -ovarian chocolate cyst!

Ovarian chocolate cysts are not a simple cyst, which often leads to severe adhesion in the pelvic cavity, as well as endometriosis in other parts of peritoneum and even uterine adenocycles.

What are the symptoms of chocolate cysts?

1. Dysmenorrhea

Especially the dysmenorrhea is worsened year by year, or those who have nothing; or the lower abdomen can travel pain, sexual intercourse, and periodic pain.

2. Nakura endometriosis

67%of infertility patients suffer from endometriosis, which may be affected by pelvic adhesion caused by internal diseases and fallopian tubes.The inflammatory factor affects normal pregnancy.

3. Sexual life abdominal pain

In some patients with endometriosis, the stomach hurts during sex.

4. Irregular menstruation

If chocolate cysts affect ovarian function, menstruation will cause irregular menstruation.

5 cyst rupture

To a certain degree of chocolate cysts, it is possible to discover rupture. One lower abdomen pain, light or heavy, severe cases need emergency surgery.

Of course, some patients are usually not obviously uncomfortable, and they may just discover regular physical examinations.In addition to gynecological examinations, the most valuable non -invasive inspection method of the B supermarket, and then combined with the blood CA125 examination, most of them will be clearly diagnosed.Of course, it also needs to be identified with other types of ovarian cysts. The most accurate is surgery+pathological diagnosis. Other examinations may have certain errors.

What can be surgery after chocolate cysts?

Because ovarian chocolate cysts are still unclear, there is no special treatment plan for so far.

1. If the cyst is less than 4cm, the dysmenorrhea is mild, and there is no history of infertility.The B -ultrasound should be reviewed regularly during pregnancy, as well as the blood CA125 level.A successful pregnancy is the best treatment.Because the progesterone in the body is significantly increased during pregnancy, it can inhibit the growth of the odor and shrink.Therefore, chocolate cysts during pregnancy will basically not grow, and even shrink in the later stage.Join the planer production, you can handle the cyst.If you give birth.Continue to follow -up B -ultrasound after delivery, you can do not surgery without progress, or delay it with drug control.Postpartum breastfeeding time can be longer, which can make menstrual recovery a little later, which will also help delay the progress of the disease.If the cyst increases to 5cm, the CA125 increases significantly, and the severe drug conservative treatment of dysmenorrhea is invalid, or it will not be successful in one year of trial pregnancy.Then you need to do surgical treatment.

2. At present, ovarian cysts under laparoscopy are the most important treatments for ovarian chocolate cysts.However, most patients will recur after a certain period of time, and the treatment after recurrence is even more troublesome.Laparoscopic minimally invasive, you can also make a face -to -face assessment on the tubal, ovaries and pelvic cavity during surgery. If the score is low, you can try to get pregnant after surgery. It is directly recommended to be a test tube baby with high scores. Do not waste time to try.If the fallopian tube has adhesion, it can be decomposed at the same time, and the fallopian tubal flux is done by the way.

Under normal circumstances, after a menstruation after surgery, you can test it.You can also use GNRHA injection for 3-6 months after surgery. On the one hand, it suppress relapse. On the other hand, 1-2 months after GNRHA stopped drugs, the power of pregnancy will be higher.

At present, there is no medicine that can cure endometriosis. It can only inhibit the progress of the disease to a certain extent without cure.

1. GNRHA, the effect of the link is better. One injection every 28 days, usually 3-6 months, but the side effects are relatively large.

2. contraceptives, small side effects, can be used for several years, but the relief effect is much worse.

All these drugs have different degrees of suppression of the disease during the medication, but they will basically continue to progress after stopping the drug.Moreover, these medicines have contraceptive effects during use, which is not conducive to preparation for expectant mothers.

Because it is easy to recur after surgery.According to statistics, after conservative surgery, the five-year recurrence rate is as high as 40%-50%, and the combined treatment of surgery+drugs also has a 20%recurrence rate.If you relapse, you can consider the spikes and pumping the cyst fluid. After 3-6 months of control, you can do a test tube baby after 3-6 months; or after the egg retrieval is taken again, the scriptures are paid again, and the embryo transplantation is performed after surgery.

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