Can I take a plane after pregnancy?Is it okay to soak the hot spring?Answer these 7 common questions for you, novice mothers come over

Since women are pregnant, they have become the key protection objects of the whole family. No matter what they do, they are careful, for fear that they will affect the health of the fetus.Many pregnant women also have all kinds of questions, often worried because of certain problems, may wish to answer them one by one.

1. Can you take a plane after pregnancy?

Some pregnant women are worried that the airplane will bring radiation, so they will refuse. You do n’t have to worry too much about the number of airplanes a year, but you ca n’t sit for a threatened abortion symptoms or habitual abortion during pregnancy.Especially in the late pregnancy, the body suffers from temperature changes, bumps, and gravity when taking a plane.

2. Can I raise pets during pregnancy

Pets will parasitize too many parasites, which are prone to transmission of human and animal, which will lead to malformations. Therefore, try not to contact pets at close range during pregnancy.The pets raised at home should be immune regularly, take a bath frequently, and you must wear gloves when dealing with feces, and you cannot directly contact.

3. Whether hair dye will affect fetal growth and development

The impact of hair dye on a variety of fetuses is ignored, but hair dye cannot be dyed in the first three months of pregnancy.When hair dyeing, it is necessary to choose the plant -based hair dye produced by regular manufacturers, which is relatively safe.

4. Whether applying olive oil can prevent stretch marks from generating

Usually skin elastic fibers and abdominal rectus muscles have a certain elasticity, which can be freely expanded.However, the elastic fiber in the middle and late pregnancy will break, and the tendon is gradually separated, causing the belly to have longitudinal cracks, showing pink or purple red.Although applying olive oil to dilute stretch marks, it is not effective for every woman.As long as you control your weight growth to 22 ~ 30 catties during pregnancy, you can reduce the generation of stretch marks.

5. Can you soak hot springs during pregnancy

Proper hot spring water can play a sedative effect, assisting the treatment of neurasthenia and insomnia, but pregnant women are sensitive to temperature.The temperature should not exceed 40 ° C when soaking in hot springs, otherwise it will destroy the vaginal flora environment and pH, and increase the risk of infection, so pregnant women should be cautious.

6. Whether walking can speed up the production process

For pregnant women, proper walks can indeed benefit the body, enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve neurological ability, accelerate metabolism, and promote the pelvic pelvis, which can indeed help the delivery, but it will not help shorten the output.

7. Can pregnant women drink coffee

Adults should be controlled within 300 milligrams of coffee intake, which is about 2 to 3 cups of coffee. As long as the quality of pregnant women’s sleep, they can drink coffee in moderation, but they must control the amount. Drinking the coffee interval twice should exceed 4 hours.In addition, pregnant women with poor sleep quality or neurasthenia cannot drink coffee, so as to avoid caffeine excitement in the central nervous system and affect sleep.

Kind tips

Women should keep their minds and minds relaxed all the time and accept everything with an optimistic attitude.Pay attention to the balanced nutrition, diverse diet, away from irritating and greasy food.After pregnancy, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands are secreted too strong and easy to sweat. Therefore, they should develop a good habit of bathing in diligent bathing. They should be used to change their clothes to keep their skin clean and hygienic to avoid being infected.Do not go out between 10 am and 4 pm in summer to cultivate the habit of drinking plenty of water and avoid heat stroke.At the same time, pay more attention to rest to ensure sufficient sleep and moderate exercise to enhance resistance.

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