Can I still get pregnant when the fallopian tube is blocked?Active treatment, add more conditioning, increase the chance of pregnancy

After entering the marriage hall, many small families will discuss the matters of pregnancy and want the crystallization of love as soon as possible.However, many husbands and wives had no way to get pregnant for more than a year. They went to the hospital for an examination, and the female fallopian tube was blocked.The fallopian tube blockage is the phenomenon of fallopian tubes caused by various reasons. If the fallopian tube is not connected to sperm and eggs, there is no way to encounter a combination, and naturally it will not make women pregnant.

Whether the fallopian tube blocking can be used to get pregnant naturally depends on the degree of fallopian tube blocking.There are four levels of fallopian tube blocking. The first -level fallopian tube blocking refers to the influence of the fallopian tube. The second -level fallopian tube blocking refers to the fallopian tubes.Water is not accessible.The level of these four levels is more serious than the level. The more serious the fallopian tube is blocked, the more difficult the treatment will be, and the worse the treatment effect will be.

If you want to treat tubal blockage, you must first clarify the level of tubal clogging, and then choose the treatment method that is most suitable for her according to the specific situation of women.First do tubal angiography selection. The fallopian tubal film creation refers to the injecting iodine -made agent into the uterine cavity directly from the cervical tube.Classification.There are several common methods for treating fallopian tube blocking. For example, you can do adhesion and separation surrounding tubal tubes around the laparoscopy, which is mainly aimed at the adhesion around the fallopian tube.Another example is that tubal reciprocity can be performed, which is mainly aimed at the obstruction of the fallopian tubes.You can also perform fallopian tubal liquid or undergoing conventional surgery.No matter what kind of treatment is used, it is necessary to actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. The possibility of cure is very high, and there is still the hope of natural pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to private hygiene

Women should pay attention to the health of private parts in daily life to prevent various pathogens from infection.Sometimes it is because the pathogen infection affects the health of the fallopian tube and causes blocking the fallopian tube.Rinse the private parts with water every day. Do not wash it with gynecological washing liquid. You need to replace your underwear every day.

2. Take contraceptive measures

Artificial abortion is also a reason for the blocked fallopian tube. Therefore, if there is no plan to get pregnant in daily life, we must take contraceptive measures, and don’t be too wayward.Choose some more reliable contraceptive methods in life, such as condom contraception or short -acting oral contraceptive contraceptives, or health ring contraception, etc.Do not choose unreliable contraceptive methods such as safe contraception and in vitro ejaculation. Using these contraceptive methods, women’s accidental pregnancy risks will be particularly large.

3. Don’t ignore the treatment of gynecological inflammation

Women must be far from gynecological inflammation in daily life. If they have a small experience in gynecological inflammation, they should actively treat them.To go to a regular hospital for treatment, do not delay the condition, otherwise the inflammation will cause inflammation of the fallopian tube, which will cause the fallopian tube to block.

Women should pay attention to the health problems of the fallopian tube, and do not let the fallopian tubes block the door.Getting the fallopian tube blockage will affect the fertility of women, and even leads to women infertility. It cannot be taken lightly. It is necessary to prevent it in advance.It does not necessarily mean that the fallopian tube blockage does not necessarily mean that you cannot get pregnant naturally. You must be actively treated so that you can have good results as much as possible.

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