Can I still break up with her after my girlfriend is pregnant?

Xiao Yang’s first boyfriend A Jin was her junior high school classmate. They were in a class for three years in junior high school. The relationship between the two was particularly good and like buddies, but there was no relationship between men and women.After high school, they went to different schools, and occasionally contacted, but not many.

The turning point of the incident was in Xiao Yang’s winter vacation.It is said that women’s eighteen changes are really not fake at all.In the past, Xiao Yang was wearing old soil, and her face was unique to plateau red on her face. The skin was also blownish and black and rough by the northwest wind.

Since going to Suzhou in Jiangnan Water Village, Xiao Yang has changed his whole person, his long hair is dark and bright, the hair ends have been wavy, and the plateau on the face has a lot of lighter.The black dress with a flower, with a pink ultra -short down jacket, and a pair of black boots on the feet, is called the whole person’s vibrant, youthful and beautiful.

This allowed Akin, who was still re -studying in the senior high school in the small county seat, to see his heart jump.

Xiao Yang said to Akin: "Go, the sister invite you to dinner!"

Akin said with a smile: "You have it, go to college, and you are still a school sister."

After a meal, Akin proposed to go to the river to take a walk. The small river in winter is all dry grass. Except for their voice, there is a sound of the water flow. Xiao Yang all the way.Share, I do n’t know that Akin has always been absent -minded. Akin looked at her bright face, and suddenly grabbed her hand and said, "Xiao Yang, be my girlfriend!"

Xiao Yang was stunned and didn’t know how to react. "Someone liked me, he liked me …" Xiao Yang’s heart was messy, and he was surprised. Xiao Yang neither agreed to him, nor refused to refuseHe just bowed his head shyly.

In the evening, Xiao Yang couldn’t sleep in the bed excitedly. He always said in his heart, "I also have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend!"

Before the start of school, Xiao Yang stipulated that Akin: "Every Saturday must call me!" Akin promised: "No problem."The first Saturday after returning to college, Xiao Yang received a call from Akin. She was extremely happy. They talked for a long time before hanging up.

"This is the taste of love!" Xiao Yang was very sweet.

But some things have a good beginning, not necessarily better in the future.After the phone call, Xiao Yang never received a call from Akin. It was Xiao Yang’s passing. When Xiao Yang asked Akin, Akin always had various reasons to push off.Later, Xiao Yang didn’t care, she hit her.

The long -awaited summer vacation finally came. Akin said to pick her up. She was so happy that she would fly. She missed him too much.The train arrived in the middle of the night. As soon as Xiao Yang came out of the station, he saw him in the crowd. Although he was not tall, he was not handsome, but she liked it!

The couple meets the happiness.Watching Akin holding her in one hand and holding her luggage in one hand, Xiao Yang was stupid, attracting A Jin and scolding her silly girl!

Xiao Yang was really stupid. Akin took Xiao Yang to the small hotel that he opened before him. Two people had a bed in one bed. Akin promised to abide by the rules.Xiao Yang didn’t care, she believed Akin!After all, Akin did not keep his promise, and when he was so affectionate, he could not help him. They stole the banned fruit.

Since then, Xiao Yang has relied on Akin, but Akin has begun to be cold and hot. Probably only when physiological needs, he will take the initiative to find Xiao Yang.Xiao Yang felt his neglect and noisy, but Akin was still the same.

Until one time, Xiao Yang accidentally discovered Akin’s Weibo that he was holding a picture of a girl, only to know that Akin had split his legs.

Xiao Yang was so sad that he broke up with Akin, and Akin had no words to retain, so he broke up like this.

After breaking up, Xiao Yang washed her face with tears throughout the day, and she thought about her and A Jin’s little bit. She couldn’t help but want to call Akin.

Later, I couldn’t help calling Akin. In the end, because Xiao Yang’s initiative, they reconciled, and A Jin and the girl had broken up.Although it was good, they always quarreled because Xiao Yang couldn’t help but mention his cheating. Akin answered his phone call, which made Xiao Yang very angry, but helpless.

She knew that Akin really liked her. She hated herself without fighting, but couldn’t let go. She always made noise. She broke up many times and was always reconciled. She was entangled for many years.

Until the last time, they were already working at that time.Xiao Yang was pregnant and asked to get married, but Akin said that they were still young and did not want to get married too early. When the conditions were better, they would be married.

Xiao Yang only realized at the time that he couldn’t continue with Akin, and there was no result with him.So after Xiao Yang finished the flow of people, they broke up. Since then, Xiao Yang has never taken the initiative to contact Akin.

What do friends think of this man and make his girlfriend pregnant, but do not marry her, and break up with him!

Author: Guo Xueyang, female, pseudonym Bai Yun Tianxia, likes to read, write and draw, and currently engage in cultural work.(Authorized)

Edit: Jiang Luluo, a post -90s girl, freelance writer.Personal original public account: Lu Luoji,

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