Can I still ask for pregnancy after emergency contraception?Can I take emergency contraceptives during breastfeeding?

The contraception has a long history, and in ancient Egypt 3500 years ago, various prescriptions were used to contraception.Women can consider taking emergency contraceptives in accidental injuries or other reasons, or contraceptive failures such as condom damage, slipping, and error calculation safety period.Generally emergency contraceptives should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The earlier, the better the effect, and the rate of failure is often higher in more than 72 hours.

In 1998, my country approved Zuo Nuo progesterone as an over -the -counter emergency contraceptive.Yuting, the most common emergency contraceptive pill on the market, is this ingredient.Let’s take a look at the principle of contraceptives of this drug: Zuo Nuo Nuo progesterone is a fully synthetic powerful progesterone, which mainly acts on the hypothalamus and pituitary, which makes the peak of the mid -menstrual period of FSH and LH significantly reduced or disappeared.Ovulation and obvious anti -estrogen activity can make the cervical mucus thickening and obstruct the sperm penetration.It can also make the endometrium thinner, which is not conducive to the bed.

To put it simply, before the eggs are expelled, it plays a role in suppressing or delaying ovulation. After ovulation, it can change the shape of the endometrium to achieve the role of emergency contraception.

Different from the past, people’s acceptance of emergency contraceptives has greatly improved, but the degree of understanding has not kept up.The knowledge of emergency contraceptives is not more from medical staff, but public media and overwhelming advertising.In addition, these drugs are all over -the -counter drugs, which can be convenient to buy on pharmacies and even the Internet. Often, young female patients often take emergency contraceptives in a monthly cycle.Essence

The usage rate of emergency contraceptives far exceeds our expectations. The hidden safety hazards behind them are worrying, so it is very important to popularize the knowledge of emergency contraceptives.The following problem is the summary of emergency contraceptives. I hope that not only will female friends treat emergency contraceptives with a more correct attitude, but also allow medical staff to avoid some misunderstandings and provide patients with better guidance.

1. Can emergency contraceptives be used repeatedly?

There are often patients asking "I took emergency contraceptives last week, but then there was no contraception in the same room. Can I still eat it again?" This question did not determine the answer., Still can take emergency contraceptives, but if it is a non -protective measures that occur again (within 72 hours), maybe the emergency contraceptives taken last time still have a protective effect, but so far I do not know that such protectionHow long will it last.

The hormones contained in emergency contraceptives are several times that of short -acting oral contraceptives, which are not suitable for long -term use, and cannot be used to replace conventional contraceptive methods.This point of view is circulated on the Internet- "Emergency contraceptives cannot be used more than 3 times a year."In fact, this view is not based on the basis. I think this should be to tell patients not to abuse emergency contraceptives.

2. What should I do if I have bleed after taking emergency contraceptives?

There are many young women who have vaginal bleeding after taking the medicine, and there are many young women who are panicked.Most people bought the drug from the pharmacy and did not read the instructions.In fact, the endometrium may have retreat bleeding after taking emergency contraceptives, but the amount of bleeding is less than the menstruation, and the duration of bleeding is short.However, if the bleeding amount exceeds usual menstrual flow, accompanied by dizziness, lower abdominal pain, etc., the patient must go to the hospital for treatment.

It is worth emphasizing that the vaginal bleeding after taking emergency contraceptives does not mean that it is successful. Only normal menstruation means that there is no pregnancy.Studies abroad have shown that 151 patients with vaginal bleeding after administration, 14 of which were pregnant, with a ratio of 9%.

3. How to calculate normal menstruation after taking emergency contraceptives?

In most cases, the normal menstrual tide after taking emergency contraceptives is within 7 days before and after the expected menstrual tide.In other words, the time of menstruation may be postponed or delayed.However, it is normal one week before and after. Generally, menstrual delays are more common, because emergency contraceptives can affect ovulation.According to literature, menstruation accounts for 61%within 3 days before and after expected; 13%of the delay of more than 8 days; 15%of the delayed 4-7 days; 11%of more than 3 days in advance of menstruation.

However, some people may have irregular bleeding in taking emergency contraceptives. In this case, they need to go to the hospital for further examination of whether there are other reasons.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

4. Can I have to get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?Can I take emergency contraceptives during breastfeeding?

According to current domestic and foreign data, emergency contraceptives have no direct adverse effect on the fetus. The probability of defects in the fetus after medication is the same as that of no medication.If you are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives, you want to continue pregnancy, you can rest assured, don’t worry about the impact of emergency contraceptives on the fetus.

The contraceptive method recommended by the breastfeeding period is a condom, but if there is no protective sexual life, you can take Zuo Nuo Peridone emergency contraceptives, which will not affect lactation and milk quality, nor will it have adverse effects on babies.It should be noted that it should not be used repeatedly.

5. What else do you need to pay attention to when emergency contraceptives?

(1) Short -acting contraceptives for contraceptives are better. Usually, it is necessary to continue to take it for 21 days. When oral contraceptives leak 2 or 2 tablets, emergency contraceptives need to be used.

(2) Drinking will not affect the effect of emergency contraceptives, but vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, you need to take it once.

(3) Do not take more, taking more does not improve the effectiveness of contraceptives, and only increases side effects.

(4) Emergency contraceptives will not affect future fertility, but multiple uses will affect menstruation, which may cause irregular ovulation and menstrual disorders.

Finally, let’s talk about the latest interesting research on emergency contraceptives. Mario Philip et al. Research on the factor affecting the contraceptive effect of Zuo Nuo Permone tablets. The results were published in the Contraception in 2017.In this study, they found that weight will affect the contraceptive effect. The pregnancy rate of less than 80kg women is 0.7%, and the pregnancy rate of women with more than 30kg/m2 in weight BMI is 2.0%.In other words, the heavier weight, the worse the contraceptive effect.It seems that this is another reason to lose weight for female compatriots!


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