Can I still ask for HPV children during pregnancy?Why is it infected without sex?

This article was original by Dr. Li Mengxiong, the Seventh Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

As a professional obstetrics and gynecology doctor, there are often patients and relatives and friends around them consulting HPV -related issues. In the professional attitude and granting people, they are not as good as fishing.The problem is summarized into the following ten, I hope to help you while helping you can help your friends around you.

HPV is the abbreviation of human papilloma virus. It is as common as the influenza virus that causes colds in our daily life. Most of the individuals with sexual life will have HPV infections in their lives.

More than 170 types of HPVs have been found in nature. They can be divided into two major categories: low -risk and high -risk types. Among them, low -risk HPVs can cause genital warts, and high -risk HPVs can cause changes in cervical cells.There will be the risk of developing cervical cancer.

Of course, this part of high -risk HPV can also cause penile cancer, anal cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, and laryngeal cancer.HPV is harmful, but most of them can be cleared by the human body within one to two years.

Before the symptoms are manifested or the virus is detected, the patient may be exposed to HPV for several weeks, months, or even years.Sexual partners, the recent diagnosis of HPV infection cannot indicate the unfaithfulness of the other half.

HPV’s propagation is usually transmitted through the contact of the genitals or the contact between the genitalia and the anus (even if it is not inserted).HPV can also spread through the contact with the genitals, although this kind of communication is not as common as the previous way.

The condom can only be protected to the covered skin, but research shows that male condoms can reduce men’s HPV spread to women.

Cell detection does not find HPV, but it can be found to change the changes in cervical cells caused by HPV.

Cytology testing is currently a front -line screening method of cervical cancer. Most women developing cervical cancer usually have not done cytological testing for many years.

HPV testing is usually used as a conventional screening method for women 30 and above with cytological tests (HPV is very common among women under 30 years of age and is easily cleared).

HPV has been tested separately in recent years as the main screening method of cervical cancer between 25 and above. However, HPV testing can only be used as a screening tool for cervical cancer. It has not been approved for men’s screening.HPV detection that can be used for oral or throat.

For the treatment of HPV, there is currently no special effects. The only effective way is to remove HPV by enhancing immunity, but there is sufficient way to deal with disease medical staff caused by HPV.Treatment in outpatient clinics.

It is very rare for the discovery of HPV infection during pregnancy to find that HPV infection is almost not affecting normal delivery.Very recommended.

At present, there are three types of HPV vaccines: two -valent, four -valent, and nine valence.

The binary vaccine can prevent the two virus infections of HPV16 and HPV18.Studies have shown that more than 70%of cervical cancer is caused by these two viruses.Two -valent vaccine can prevent HPV infections of type 6, 11, 18, and 18.Although HPV6 and HPV11 are not high -risk HPV viruses in cervical cancer, they can cause genital warts.

The two -to -45 -year -old woman is suitable for women aged 9 to 45. Four -valents are suitable for women aged 20 to 45. The nine -valent vaccine is targeted at HPV6, 11, 16, 18, 33, 33, 45, 52, 58, internationally.Studies show that the nine -valent vaccine can prevent 90%of cervical cancer, which is suitable for women aged 16 to 26.

About 50%of new infections were found in girls and young women aged 15-24, so early vaccination was very necessary.Men also have the risk of HPV -related diseases, so boys and young men also recommend vaccination HPV vaccines.

Patients who discovered HPV infection for the first time will be more anxious and nervous. We need to tell patients that HPV infection is common. This does not mean who made mistakes, it just means that these people are exposed to a very common infection, not to mention this infection infectionMost of them are excessive. You only need to do regular testing to treat the removal of the virus with a peaceful attitude.

There will be many online and offline associations, as well as public welfare organizations and platforms to connect patients and medical staff. You can get professional information and need support from there. You are not alone. You can contact me if you have more questions.oh.

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