Can I raise a dog?How to raise?

Dog is a partner of human loyalty

Its life is short, and it is only you in your life.Now more and more stray dogs are not lost by themselves, but have been abandoned by the owner. The reason for abandonment is also emotional.Most families choose to abandon dogs or send dogs away because they are ready to babies, pregnant or baby are born, fearing that the dogs at home will hurt their babies.The old people always love to say "dog face, dog face" dog really out of control and hurt the baby?Many families are considering this factor.However, look at the innocent eyes of the dog, and see the harmless little faces of humans and animals, as the owner, let go of it and let go of it …

(PS: If you have a little master, will you leave me?)

It is not conflicting during pregnancy or at home or a dog raising

In fact, it is not conflicting to have a baby or a pregnant woman and a dog again.As long as you use the right way and scientifically raising dogs, this matter is not unable to survive.Speaking of the editor here remembers a thing of the past, Xiaobian’s brother’s family once raised a dog (ordinary earth dog). This dog almost accompanied him to his entire youth to a successful career and married.EssenceThe thick one is also 10 years old, and it is also a year of alertness according to the age of a person.Brother sister -in -law is also a dog who loves dogs, and also likes dogs, so she did not give the dogs to give people a dog during pregnancy, but after considering that the child was born, he was afraid that the dog would hurt the child and planned to send the dog away.With the expected period of the sister -in -law, the dog died.It is probably older, and follow the laws of nature.But we have also guess, maybe the dog himself knows that the little owner will send it away when he is born …

(PS: This method of fighting is very good, please rest assured)

Why are there many people who oppose dogs during pregnancy?

So why do many people oppose dogs during pregnancy?And why do babies at home do n’t have dogs such as dogs?In addition to being afraid that the dog is out of control, what is the real danger?Avoiding dogs during pregnancy is because they are afraid of carrying bowworms on the dog, causing bow -shaped worm infections during pregnancy.Gow -shaped infection is very harmful to the baby. Once the infection is infected, it will cause serious consequences of miscarriage or abdomen in the abdomen.But the bowworm is generally carried by a cat, and the dog and the person are just host.Generally, it will not be spread directly. Only cat feces containing oval sacs can be infected. Therefore, our pregnant mothers must avoid cleaning the feces and minimize the chance of infection.

(PS: Generally do not carry bow -shaped worms)

To raise dogs with a scientific way to raise dogs during pregnancy

How to raise dogs in science during pregnancy is the key!In fact, whether it is pregnancy or whether there are little babies at home.Since it is decided to raise a dog, it is responsible for it, while being responsible for it while being responsible for our own life.When the dog is young or the dog is an adult, as long as it comes to your home, you must give it a rabies vaccine and a dog octagonal vaccine to regularly do deworming and in vitro deworming, and bath.

(PS: I will not hurt the little owner regularly)

Scientific dog breeding requires patience training

Many people will say that we will do vaccine, bath, and insect repellent, because these are the most basic common sense.But how should the dog’s personality be controlled? What should I do if some large dogs and strong dogs suddenly change their faces and hurt people?This is about to start with dog training. Now it is the dog course training class that is more hot.This is a desirable way, and if our dogs have been raised since childhood, we can train ourselves.When the dog is the easiest to receive training at the age of 3 to 1, it is better to train its obedience and some living habits.Dogs are actually like children. If you spend time and patience to teach it, it will be close to you.Bringing more dogs to contact nature will reduce the resistance to people and become friendly.As for adult -intensive dogs that have not been trained, such as mastiff dogs, no matter whether it is a pregnant mother or a baby’s family should try to avoid it.

(PS: Try to avoid raising dogs)

The benefits of raising dogs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, we do not keep dogs, but we need to raise dogs scientifically.When we do a foot -based work, there is no problem raising dogs.After guaranteeing safety, raising dogs or families with little babies during pregnancy is also good for pregnant mothers or babies.Raising dogs during pregnancy is very common. Many foreign pregnant mothers choose to raise dogs.First, it is to accompany himself during pregnancy; the other is that the baby will grow up with the child after birth.We all know that the pregnant mother during pregnancy is easy to be mentally depressed. Raising a dog with himself and the prospective father will take it out for a walk to alleviate the anxiety during pregnancy and promote the relationship between husband and wife.

(PS: I will be very good, very obedient, protect my master)

Let the dog grow up with your baby

Why do you say that raising a dog with your child grows up?In fact, this phenomenon is very common. For example, many families in the United States will raise evil dogs. Although they look fierce, they are very docile. They are common partner dogs in American families.It has many benefits to let a dog grow up with the growth of children.First of all, small animals can open the child’s heart and let the child cheerful.Secondly, you can feel love in the process of growing children, not just the love of parents.Finally, in the process of children’s growth, the middle school is responsible and learned to take care of the "little friends" around them.The more common in our daily life is "Teddy, Corgi, Akita, etc." and "Sleeid Silly" Allah, Erha and Satsuma.These dogs are more common and many families are raising.So if we want to raise dogs after pregnancy or baby, it is not impossible to raise dogs, but it is necessary to scientifically and ensure safety.

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