Can I raise a cat during pregnancy?Yes, it is more important to pay attention to hygiene than sending the cat directly away

Regarding the toxoplasma, the popular science on the Internet is overwhelming. The concept of pregnancy can coexist with cats, and it is also slowly rooted in the hearts of the people.

But so many popular sciences, I found that some people still like to have a sentence: What if there is one in case?

I feel it, I am really afraid that this "in case" should not be raised from the beginning, not to raise it before leaving.

Now that you have raised cats, do your homework, pay attention to hygiene, beware of this "in case" is the most important thing, isn’t it?

They are all adults, and they still have to be a bit responsible.

Therefore, this article is specifically written to those shit officers who really want to do my homework and want to be responsible.

I try to write it as well as possible.

It is a parasite that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The structure is more complicated than bacteria. People and various mammals, fish and birds may be infected.

Is the cat family the ultimate host?What is the difference between the middle host?

The middle host includes people and other animals, including the dog we know, and the middle host.

If the middle host is infected with a bowworm, the toxoplasma gifted should be reproduced in its body, but it is asexual breeding. It will not spread the offspring through feces.

That is, unless you eat these infected animals directly (be sure to eat raw, be familiar with the infection), it will not be infected with a bowworm in contact with its fur and feces.

As the host, the cat family is infected with a toxoplasma worm, and the toxoplasma worms can not only reproduce in its body, but also have sexual reproduction. These bow -shaped worms have begun to have offspring, and they can also spread future generations through feces.

However, it should be noted that cat feces can spread toxoplasma, but there will be no toxoplasma in the fur of the cat.

There are two main ways to infected the toxoplasma gangs, one is the mother of the mother, and the mother passes to the fetus; the other is to eat the bowworm into the belly.

What can you get toxoplasma?

1. Cat shit: If your cat is in the acute infection period of the bowworm, you are just lazy, shovel on the same day, you have to shovel overnight shit, you still have shit in your shit., Do n’t wash your hands and catch the food directly. You have n’t found the food on the food, and you have eaten it in one sip.

2. Raw meat: Eat raw meat, or raw milk, raw eggs without disinfection.This is also the high probability of infection between a developed country (up to 50%) because they -love to eat raw.

3. Vegetables and fruits: Eat the melon and vegetables that are not cleaned and disinfected.

4. Drink raw water.There may also be bowworms without high temperature heating.

5. Eat soil.Well, the soil is also a place for bow -shaped worms.

From the above points, we will find that compared to eating cat shit, eating raw meat, eating vegetables and fruits, drinking raw water, and contacting the soil, isn’t it more likely to infect bowworms!

After all, it is not easy to eat cat feces with insect eggs.

And raw meat, vegetables and fruits, and soil are relatively frequent contacts. Raw fish are still a dish that many people like to eat.

In fact, most people infected with toxoplasma are because they eat raw meat, not cat feces.(Don’t tell me that cat shit coffee, the bowworm will die at the high temperature above 75 degrees Celsius.)

What will happen to cats infected?

What happens, cats in acute infection may have anorexia and fever, but their own immune system can resist these bow -shaped worms, and these symptoms can also heal themselves.

What about that person?Then divide the situation:

1. Non -pregnant women:

For those with normal immunity, the toxoplasma is not lethal to it. Even if the toxoplasma is infected, they can still eat it. They should eat and sleep.

For those with low immunity, infection of Toxoplasma can cause drowsiness, fever, and anorexia.

For a small number of people with poor constitution, infection may also cause eye infections.

2. Pregnant women

If you have been infected with a bow -shaped worm before you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry about it. Before the infection of the Toxoplasma, immune will be formed in the body since then, and the fetus is not infected.

If you happen to be infected for the first time during pregnancy, you do n’t find it without examination, and if you do n’t treat it, you may have premature or fetal deformities.

Fourth, how to live with cats during pregnancy.

1. Take your cat for inspection and do it yourself.

Be sure to do a good job, and everyone and cats have to check.

If a cat is not infected or in a period of chronic infection, its feces will not have toxoplasma; if they are in a period of acute infection, some drugs can be cured.

Pregnant women can do TORCH testing and detect IgG and IGM indicators.

If there is no infection, pay attention to hygiene in future; if there is infection, please follow the doctor’s advice. Generally, it is thiamine or large -ring dectind drugs.

2. Bring disposable gloves when sharing shovel. Remember to wash your hands after shovel.

Of course, in order to prevent "in case" in some people, give shovel work to other family members during pregnancy. Just responsible for cats.

3. Do not feed cat raw meat, nor do you feed cats and drink tap water.(Generally boiled for cats.)

4. Don’t let cats go out.

Family cats do not go out or contact the source of infection. There is no chance to infection with Toxoplasma.

Don’t say that there are any accidents, raising cats must seal the window itself.Otherwise, if you run out, you will be lost lightly, and you will die in heavyness. This is very irresponsible.

5. Do not adopt new cats during pregnancy, and avoid contact with stray cats.

6. Whether you raising or raising cats, try not to contact raw meat, not to eat raw meat, do not drink raw water, do not engage in gardening, and do not directly contact the soil.

In summary, of course, cats can be raised during pregnancy, but you must do a good job of hygiene. If you love it yourself, beware of this "in case", you will not really have it.

But if you can’t ensure whether you really love so clean, it is recommended not to raise cats at the beginning, or you can temporarily isolate cats, otherwise it is obviously a problem that you don’t like to clean. In the endEssence

Don’t have cat monsters, no cat monsters.


I have ten idyllic cats at home, welcome to follow ~

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