Can I have the same room during pregnancy?The five major benefits of the same room during pregnancy, most of the last benefits ignore

On September 14, 2005, "Plain Daily" reported that a small family who should have been a family of three soon, Dazu County, who should be a family of three, but refused her husband to ask for joy because of her wife’s pregnancy., Resulting in the wife’s burns.

It is not possible to do the same room during the Chinese tradition.

In fact, some pregnant women are not suitable for the same room. For example, the following seven pregnant women are not suitable

1. I have experienced abortion before pregnancy, and the risk of the same room during pregnancy will be relatively large

2. There are unknown vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, and there may be risk of threatened abortion.

3. Multiple pregnancy pregnancy above tesil

4. The cervical function is incomplete. If there is no redness in the third trimester, there is no contraction or contraction.

5. The placenta, the placenta grows on the cervical mouth, the risk of the same room is high

6. When the cervix or vagina is inflamed during pregnancy

7. The partner has other sexually transmitted diseases and some other inappropriate physiological conditions in the same room

In addition to the above seven cases, other healthy pregnant women can be at the right time (the right time in the middle of pregnancy).The right atmosphere is lived in husband and wife.

However, according to relevant surveys, more than 60%of pregnant women in Western countries have declined with more than 60%of their desires, and more than 70%of women’s desires during pregnancy during pregnancy have declined.These 70%of women are most likely because of China’s traditional thoughts.When I was pregnant, I felt that the same room was not possible during pregnancy, so desire was also affected by thought.

Now that the Internet is developed, many women’s thoughts have also entered with the times. Based on the messages of many mothers on the Internet during the Internet, Xiaobian found that many mothers have demand during pregnancy.Xiaobian also conducted a survey on the Internet. Six pregnant women who surveyed ten pregnancy were needed, and even two pregnant women felt that their desires were stronger than when they were not pregnant.

And there are five benefits of sexual life during pregnancy:

1. Make pregnant women in need, be happy, and are more likely to have a good baby.Some pregnant women will have strong needs during pregnancy, and reasonable needs need to be met.

2. The fetus in the middle of pregnancy is relatively stable, living in the placenta, and there is amniotic fluid in the placenta. The fetus when the husband and wife only feel the gentle vibration, and the happy mood of the parents can also make the baby feel the parent’s love.Essence

3. Ten months of pregnancy, the proper frequency of the same frequency in the second trimester can make the family more stable and harmonious.Social surveys found that 83 derailed men were derailed during their wives during pregnancy.

Some people say that the body derailment can forgive that as long as the spirit is not derailed, but the small three outside are not stupid, don’t you still take the opportunity to grasp it?

In the middle of pregnancy, he lives in sexual health, and at the same time, you can make the prospective father feel that it is not easy for mothers to get pregnant.

4. The fetus growth in the middle of pregnancy, and some mothers begin to have a bad sleep. At this time, the same room may make the mother sleep beautifully.

5. In July 2017, there is an article in the magazine of "Self -Health Care" mainly about the same room and postpartum depression during pregnancy. Studies have found that postpartum depression may be related to abstinence during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is just a process of life, not sick, so some needs can still be met.May the mother of the world give birth to a healthy baby.

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