Can I exercise during pregnancy?What are the precautions for different periods?It is necessary for expectant mommy to understand

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On a public platform, a pregnant mother asked questions, "Can I exercise during pregnancy? What exercise can I do?"

Thinking of a friend around me, I didn’t know that I was pregnant in the early pregnancy, and played a badminton with my husband for a long time. As a result, I went to the hospital urgently that night. Fortunately, it was okay.

Some people like to run and skip rope before pregnancy, so can these exercises be done during pregnancy?

In fact, in addition to eating and drinking well after pregnancy, you must also exercise.Adhering to proper exercise during pregnancy is very good for the body of the pregnant mother, but not all exercises are suitable for pregnant mothers. Everyone’s constitution is different.

One of the major principles that pregnant mothers should follow are: less exercise in the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester of pregnancy, and it can be exercised appropriately in the second trimester.

If there are symptoms of premature birth in the early pregnancy, all exercise categories must be stopped.If the pregnant mother can be accepted, they can do some gentle actions.For example, walking, gymnastics such as gymnastics in pregnant women, yoga and gymnastics of pregnant women are more suitable for sitting exercises and foot exercise.

Specific mothers who like to run. It is best not to run in early pregnancy. It is easy to have a miscarriage. It is best to choose to jog on a flat road in the middle of pregnancy. Do not run in the third trimester.

In the third trimester, the walking and sleep of pregnant women will be affected by the baby’s baby, and the strength of the pregnant mothers must also be reduced. Movement suggestions are mainly to soothe.Such as walking and pregnant women are helpful for the production of pregnant mothers.

Climbing stairs can exercise muscle groups of thighs and hips, help the fetus into the basin. The pregnant mother can do it moderately. If you feel tired, you must rest in time. Pay attention to safety when you go up and down.

The second trimester is a relatively safe period, and you can exercise a greater exercise.

For example, the soothing deep breathing, the gymnastics of soft pregnant women are conducive to the blood circulation of the whole body, can promote digestion and absorption, maintain good emotions, and be good for the mother and the fetus.

Climbing the stairs can strengthen the heart function of the pregnant mother and move the pelvis, but be careful not to be excessive.

Water exercise is like swimming and fitness exercise, which is very beneficial to pregnant mothers.But pay attention to water temperature, and pay attention to timely hydration.After seven months of pregnancy, it is not suitable for more exercise, and excessive exercise may lead to premature birth.

(1) Walking

Walking can be said to be the best exercise during pregnancy.It is especially suitable for early and third trimester.The fetus in the early pregnancy is still unstable, and the exercise should be mainly small.Walking can exercise the body, which is conducive to childbirth, and can also promote the sleep of pregnant mothers.If a person feels lonely, let her husband accompany it.

It is recommended to be from 8 to 9 in the morning, the longest 30 minutes, do not exceed an hour. The best place: parks such as parks and tree -lined roads are fresh and small.

(2) Gymnastics of pregnant women

You can choose an aerobic exercise with a small sport. You can do it for 45 minutes per day in the second trimester.

(3) Swimming

Pregnant mothers who can swim can choose to swim in the middle of pregnancy. Swimming can increase lung capacity, release pressure, and alleviate back pain during pregnancy.Moreover, the process of breathing, muscle force during swimming is quite similar to childbirth. Therefore, the biggest benefit of swimming is that it can shorten the childbirth process.It should be noted that the speed of swimming should not be too fast, and it should not exceed one hour.

It is suitable for May to July, and the water temperature is not too high when swimming. It is recommended to be 29 degrees to 30 degrees.The best is between 10 am and 2 pm every day.

(4) Yoga during pregnancy

Doing yoga can relieve the discomfort during pregnancy and help the delivery, but don’t try a large range of movements. Safe first.

It is necessary to warm up for ten minutes before exercise, such as stretching limbs, leg pressing, movement of the wrist, ankle joint, etc.

Exercise is not suitable within half an hour after meals, and you should exercise after 30 minutes to 1 hour after meals.

When you feel particularly hot, you should stop exercise and drink a lot of water.Drink no less than two liters a day.

▼ When the following situations occur, be sure to stop.Vaginal hemorrhage (large or small or small) has a regular contraction (a bit of swelling and falling).The amniotic fluid flows out, and you must go to the hospital at this time.Dizziness, headache, chest pain, dyspnea and other symptoms

If there is one of the above situations, it is necessary to stop immediately and seek medical treatment in time.

There are many benefits of proper exercise during pregnancy, but pay attention to do not do severe exercise, and it is not advisable to do severe waist exercise, otherwise it is easy to move the fetal gas and affect the healthy growth of the fetus.


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