Can I eat hot pot during pregnancy?This problem finally has the answer today

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The hot pot is a very popular food now. Looking at the food in the pot made a "grunt" sound, the help mother felt that she couldn’t help it.However, whether you can eat hot pot during pregnancy, it has its own opinions.Today, in this cold winter, the mother analyzes the pregnant mothers that whether I can eat hot pot during pregnancy.

Why can’t I eat hot pot during pregnancy?

1. The taste of hot pot soup is heavy. In the early pregnancy, the diet of pregnant mothers should be light;

2. Most of the hot pot ingredients are lamb, beef and other meat slices. These meat slices may have parasites that cannot be seen by the naked eye.The short -term heating cannot completely kill the parasite. After the pregnant mothers eat it, the fetus will infection, affect the development of the fetus, and in severe cases.

3. When eating hot pot, it is often mixed with raw food and cooked food to easily induce digestive tract inflammation;

4. The hot pot base in the store is not hygienic, and some will use those inferior high quality, which will cause harm to the health of pregnant mothers;

5. When eating hot pot, there are often high -fat meat, and the amount of purine in the broth is very high, which is not good for the kidneys.

The above is the point of view of some people who do not support hot pot during pregnancy.

However, some people think that it doesn’t matter if you eat hot pot during pregnancy.They think that when eating hot pot during pregnancy, pay attention to the hygiene in all aspects, and the nutrition that pregnant mothers take when eating, and they can eat appropriately.This is undoubtedly a great news for those pregnant mothers who love hot pot.It’s just that pregnant mothers should be more careful than usual when eating hot pot.

What should I pay attention to when taking hot pot during pregnancy?

1. If the hot pot ingredients that pregnant mothers want to eat, be sure to ensure freshness and avoid food poisoning;

2. Pregnant mothers should not eat red oil, spicy, and traditional Chinese medicine soup base. You can eat nutritious soup base such as chicken soup, pork rib soup;

3. The meat that pregnant mothers eat can not be survived. There is a residue of parasitic insects on the excessive meat.

4. Although the food cannot be survived, it can not be cooked. The nutritional value of the cooked food is very low;

5. When eating hot pot, pregnant mothers must use a pair of chopsticks alone, and the chopsticks do not touch the ingredients of raw;

6. When cooking ingredients, pay attention to the separation of raw food and cooked food;

7. Pregnant mothers should control the frequency of eating hot pot.

8. Pregnant mothers should follow the principles of eating less at a time, eat multiple times, slow down to slow food, and avoid indigestion symptoms after eating.

In fact, eating hot pot is also very particular. It is recommended that pregnant mothers drink half a glass of juice or warm water when eating hot pot, and then eat green vegetables, and finally eat meat.In this way, we can reduce the burden on the stomach and stomach and achieve a healthy diet.

It is important to note that it is best not to eat hot pot during the first three months of pregnancy. When you are in the middle and in the middle and in the third trimester, you will eat occasionally, so that it will not affect the baby’s development.

Although there is no scientific evidence, it is not possible to eat hot pot during pregnancy, but the improper diet during pregnancy will have a minimum or severe effect on the fetus., Don’t eat it frequently. When you eat it, you can be more cautious, so that you can satisfy your own health without affecting your baby’s health.

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