Can I eat high -temperature ice cream?

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What should I pay attention to when eating ice cream?


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What is ice cream?

Ice cream is one or more of raw materials such as drinking water, milk and (or) dairy products, egg products, fruits, soy products, sugar, edible vegetable oil, etc., add or not add food additives and (or) food nutritional strengtheningPrefectures made of hybrid, sterilization, homogeneous, cooling, molding, frozen and other processes.

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Ice cream and ice cream



What is the difference between ice cream and ice cream?

Ice cream vs ice cream

Execution standard:

GB/T 31119

Fat content: ≥1.0%

Protein content: ≥0.4%

Sensory characteristics: frozen solid, fine and lubricating

Packaging: High hardness, no need to use boxes, small bowls and other containers to make up

Execution standard:

GB/T 31114

Fat content: ≥5.0%

Protein content: ≥2.2%

Sensory characteristics: The characteristics of lubrication will be more prominent

Packaging: Common boxes, small bowls or sweet tube packaging

Many ice cream colors are colorful

Make many consumers worry

Is the edible pigment in ice cream harmful to health?

The gorgeous color of ice cream comes from the edible pigment. The edible pigment can be divided into two categories: natural pigment and synthetic pigment according to its source and nature.

从 Natural pigment is purified from the extraction of animals, plants, and microorganisms;

是 Synthetic pigment is artificially synthesized by chemical methods, with characteristics such as strong color power and good stability, such as sunset yellow, temptation red, lemon yellow and so on.

"Standard for Food Safety Standard Food Additives" (GB 2760-2014) clearly stipulates the range and maximum use of various pigment permits.Therefore, the reasonable use of pigments within the scope of standards will not cause harm to human health.

Consumers have reported in recent years

A certain ice cream at room temperature at 31 ℃

It will not be turned for 1 hour

Can I eat non -melting ice cream?

In fact, there are many factors affecting ice cream melting.Generally speaking, the higher the total solid content, the relatively small the proportion of water, the slower the melting speed of the ice cream.In fact, there is no ice cream that does not melt, but it is because some ingredients such as food thickeners are added to the ice cream. After the ice cream melts, it can maintain a better viscous shape, and it does not seem to melt.

According to the standard requirements of food additives in my country, common thickeners that can be added to ice cream are: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose sodium, sodium alginate, locust bean gum, Huangyuan glue, Kara gum, and Guer gum.Many food glue is a "natural extract", which is a soluble dietary fiber and has good safety.

Pay attention to three points to buy and eat ice cream:


It is recommended to buy ice cream with intact packaging and normal shape in regular shopping malls, supermarkets or retail stores.Before buying, pay attention to the product label information and refuse the "three -none" products.


Do not eat frozen drinks immediately after an empty stomach and severe exercise. Do not drink hot water immediately after consumption of freezing drinks, so as not to stimulate the gastrointestinal blood vessels and cause gastrointestinal dysfunction.


Elderly people, children, and people with low immunity need to be eaten with caution.

Reporter/Zhu Hai

Source: China Consumer News

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