Can I do it in 4 months of pregnancy?

Almost every girl will go through the process of pregnancy. This is a sacred process that can continue our offspring.At that time, due to the pressure of work and economic pressure, some couples did not want children, they wanted to be the Dink family.Accidents are always so easy to appear. Some girls are busy at work, and they don’t always pay attention to their physiological period.So, can I do it in 4 months of pregnancy?

1. Can I do it in 4 months of pregnancy?

1. Four months of pregnancy cannot be performed. At this time, the placenta has been formed, the fetus is relatively large, and the bones have begun to harden. Pregnant women need to expand the cervix before induction of labor.If you want to terminate your pregnancy, you can only take induction surgery, but the induction of labor has a great impact on the physical body of the girl.

2. When pregnant women are pregnant for 4 months, the uterus will become larger, and the uterine wall will be congested and soft. It is easy to damage the uterine wall during surgery. Therefore, it is best to go to a regular hospital for induction of labor.Avoid various complications.Therefore, women who are pregnant unexpectedly are best to strive for early abortion to maximize the degree of damage to women.

The best painless flow of pain is 35-45 days.During this period, the gestational sac has not been developed, and doctors can use visible technology to absorb the gestational sac.Therefore, the smaller the surgery to the body, the faster the recovery will be.So female friends, if you miss the painless time, you can only perform induction surgery.

4. In the 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the use of manual methods to terminate pregnancy is induction of labor.The difficulty of induction of labor is greater than the early artificial abortion, and many complications can also be produced.Moreover, the uterine wall will be damaged when induction of labor, so try to perform an artificial abortion surgery in the early pregnancy.

Two or four months of nutritional needs

1. Vitamin: Vitamin can promote the body’s absorption of iron, calcium, etc., such as vitamin D, which can promote the absorption of calcium. The amount of calcium consumption per day is 10 mg.If pregnant mothers lack vitamin D, they can eat more seafood, animals’ liver and egg yolk.

2. Carbohydrates and fat: From four months, pregnant mothers have to increase energy and various nutrients to meet the nutrients needed for the baby’s development.The main source of carbohydrates is rice, and the main source of fat is meat.

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