Can I do abortion during breastfeeding accidental pregnancy?

Can I choose flow during breastfeeding?

If you get pregnant during breastfeeding, you can choose the method of abortion, but the uterus of a woman who is still in breastfeeding after breastfeeding is usually softer.The flow of people should go to a regular hospital at the same time.At the same time, try to choose a method of small flow surgery with less side effects.In addition, for lactating women, there is a need for nurturing the next generation. Therefore, it is recommended not to choose the drug flow. On the one hand, the drug flow will affect breast milk. On the other hand, when using drug abortion, it must stop feeding.EssenceIn fact, there are many side effects using drug abortion itself, such as causing menstrual disorders, too little menstrual flow, too much bleeding, and so on.

What do you need to pay attention to during lactating people?

First of all, according to the doctor’s instructions, breastfeeding cannot be breastfeed during the prescribed period. Generally, if you choose the surgery flow, it is recommended to be breastfeeding three days after abortion.During this period, women can use breast pumps or other methods to discharge breast milk out of the body. On the one hand, it can ensure the normal secretion of milk, and on the other hand, it can also effectively prevent mastitis.

Under normal circumstances, the painless abortion surgery should be performed within 35 days to 60 days of pregnancy. From a healthy perspective, the less harm the surgery is performed. Of course, it must be determined according to the physical fitness of the pregnant woman.Sexual life is prohibited one week before the flow of people. It is best to change clothes, take a bath at the same time before surgery, avoid colds or other gastrointestinal diseases. Do not drink water or eat other foods on the morning of the operation. At the same timeDo not perform surgery, you must cooperate with the doctor during the operation, remember to be too nervous.

After surgery, you should observe for two hours at the hospital. Pay attention to observing whether there are abnormal vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain. If so, you need to notify the relevant attending doctors in time. If not, you can go home to recuperate.Two weeks, you cannot drink during the recuperation period, you cannot take a bath with cold water, increase nutrition appropriately, prevent colds, and regularly go to the gynecological hospital to check whether other complications are generated.


Many lactating women in real life will be breastfeeding, or that the children’s menstruation has not come after the birth of children, so it will not be pregnant without pregnancy.In fact, due to the differences in individuals, not every woman will have menstrual tide during breastfeeding, nor can it be determined whether menstruation is used to determine whether ovulation, let alone determine whether contraception is required.Female friends must learn more to protect themselves in daily life, especially women who breastfeed during childbirth should pay more attention to contraceptive measures. In addition, if you accidentally find accidents, do not worry about choosing drugs or other small clinics for abortion surgery.Instead, you should go to the gynecological hospital for scientific examination in time, so as to find a more scientific and smaller solution.

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