Can eating more peppers be longevity?Studies have found that eating chili can reduce the risk of death. How much is good to eat?

In the depths of Daba Mountain, Aunt Zhang in Sichuan uses chili as kimchi every year, and posts it to children who work far away in large cities.

Xiao Xu, the daughter of medicine in the big city, found that she was born in Sichuan and Chongqing. It was obviously better than that of local students.

This caused her curiosity and asked the instructor to ask this question.

The kimchi mailing at Xiaoxu’s family also attracted the attention of the instructor, and the instructor told her that this may be related to spicy.

Studies have found that eating chili can reduce the risk of death. Today we pay attention to things related to pepper together.

Vegetables such as pepper are not unique to my country in China. Instead, they were introduced into our country by foreign countries hundreds of years ago. Gradually this kind of food was tamed by the people of our country, and it became an indispensable food on our table.

In Jiangxi, Hunan, Sichuan and Chongqing, it is even more spicy, spicy, sour, spicy, and a kind of spicy taste is served on the dining table in various ways.

This can’t help but cause researchers’ interest. Why do you love so spicy?

This is related to the pepperin contained in the pepper itself. Capsuzone is possessed by the pepper plant itself. It can stimulate the nerves in our mouth and bring a different pain.

Spicy is actually not a taste, which is essentially a kind of nerve pain.

In addition to the humid climate, spicy people are also related to our brain.

Those who love spicy food will have a more active reaction to capsaicin. Capsule is stimulated to the tongue and oral nerves and passed to the brain.

There is a substance called endorphin in the brain stimulated by this kind of capsule, and endorphins will promote the release of dopamine, so people will eat more and more excitement.

The physiological cause of this is here, and the capsule has stimulated the brain.

First, appetite has changed.

Eating peppers will make the heartbeat faster. The expansion of skin blood vessels will cause people’s gastric juice and saliva to be secreted. Gastrointestinal motility is accelerated. It can promote digestion physical and chemicals, and human appetite will increase.

We often find that Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, and Gan cuisine are very hot with their unique spicy taste. People who like peppers will like them more and more, like addiction.

However, people who don’t like peppers in their own constitution will still dislike.

Secondly, the risk of death will be reduced.

Both the University of Oxford and Italy have shown that the probability of people who often eat peppers are lower than those who do not eat peppers often.

Although this result has not been affirmed by most people, it also makes sense.

Because the unique capsules in pepper can have antioxidant effects, promote blood circulation and circulation, reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and reduce the formation of thrombosis, so that the probability of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction will decrease.

In addition, pepper has the effect of beauty.

Pepper contains high content of vitamin C. The content of this vitamin C is five or six times that of tomatoes and oranges.

There is vitamin C in the body to improve its skin quality and play a role in whitening and antioxidant.

Finally, pepper is also good for the stomach.

Capsin can promote the secretion of the intestinal digestive fluid, promote metabolism and gastric mucosa regeneration, and to a certain extent to prevent gastric ulcer.

In the cold weather environment, pepper can also warm the stomach, and pain relief also has good effects.

Consumption of dried chili peppers is less than 10g each time, and the fresh one does not exceed 100g each time. It is best to control it four times a week.

Although the peppers are good, excessive eaten spicy can also affect the stomach and intestines, and spicy food can affect the function of the gastrointestinal.

Some intestinal cancer and gastric cancer are closely related to this kind of diet, so pay attention to the proportion.

Since eating more peppers can make people get angry, it is best to cook with cold food when cooking peppers, especially foods that nourish yin and diarrhea, such as duck meat, bitter gourd, loofah, green leafy vegetables, etc.

The staple foods can be used for high foods with high dietary cellulose, because dietary cellulose in food can play a role in preventing and hot constipation caused by eating chili.

Using the attributes between food can avoid damage while satisfying the taste buds.

Remember to replenish water after meals, or eat some fresh fruits, especially some fruits rich in a lot of cellulose.

These sour tastes can promote digestion and absorption in the stomach, such as apples, strawberries, hawthorn, grapes, grapefruit all have the effect of removing fire.

If it is too spicy, it is also a good choice to use sweet food to solve spicy food.

Although the pepper is good, don’t eat more, avoid the strengths of the chili to release the benefits of the human body.

Not everyone can eat it. If a person has poor stomach, gastric acid, and oral ulcers, it is not recommended to eat pepper.

Avoid gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer caused by excessive consumption of pepper, so that it will lose it.

Life needs spicy taste, sweet and sour and bitterness is a tasteful life.

A reasonable diet is the secret of maintaining longevity. I don’t know if you like to eat peppers in front of the screen?

You can try. When you keep your health, you hope you can like spicy food and experience the mystery of food.

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