Can diabetic patients eat alcohol?Eat like this, reduce the risk of "second -generation sugar"

On December 6, the International Diabetes Alliance (IDF) officially released the 10th edition of "Global Diabetes Map". According to the map, the diabetes can be obtained in the next decades.

Among them, the number of diabetes in my country, whether in 2021 or far away in 2045, is expected to be ahead, which is enough to see the severe diabetic situation in my country.

There are a large number of diabetes in my country, and the most concerned about diabetic patients is dietary problems.Because diabetic patients need to be alert to the increase in blood sugar value in their daily diet, it is inevitable whether this food can be eaten before eating, which will cause blood sugar fluctuations.

Wine brews, that is, we often say that ghosts, wine brewing sweet wine, is a long -established traditional food. In many places, it will use it to make various specialty snacks. For exampleSweet and mellow.

The wine is mainly fermented by glutinous rice. After this step, the nutritional value inside will be greatly improved. Vitamin, protein, minerals, lactic acid flora, etc. will be more convenient to be used by the human body.In addition, although the word "wine" is brought in the wine, in fact, the alcohol content is not high, so it is relatively wide to adapt to the crowd.

Can diabetic patients eat alcohol?

The answer is not.

First of all, just mentioned that wine is a fermented food, but many fermented foods have high sugar lift indexes, because their digestion in the human body is greatly improved, so the effect of blood sugar is more obvious.In addition to wine, there are bread, steamed buns and the like.

Secondly, the raw materials for wine are glutinous rice, and glutinous rice is easier to raise sugar than ordinary rice, so foods that use it as raw materials are also easier to raise sugar.After the glutinous rice is fermented, the starch inside is decomposed into glucose, and glucose is the culprit of rising blood glucose, so the wine is effective.

Finally, although the alcohol content in wine is not high, it will not make people drunk, but the existence of alcohol is not friendly.Moreover, the calories provided by the wine to the human body are much higher than other wines, so it is more likely to cause obesity.

In summary, diabetic patients do not think it is recommended to eat leachy.

Some people thought that the grains bought outside were too sweet, and I must have added a lot of sugar. Then I do it myself, do n’t put sugar, is it okay?

Of course not, if you want to make lees, glucose and alcohol are essential, and the glutinous rice lift index is placed there.

If you can’t help but want to try, then make a small suggestion for everyone, to eat water, don’t eat the original flavor, just taste it.

In addition to the distiller, in fact, there are many precautions for diabetic patients in diet, such as genetic aspects.

When parents must not want their own diabetes to be genetically generated to the next generation, but according to research, compared with the general population, the first diabetes has obvious heredity, and type 2 diabetes and genetic have certain correlation.

Based on this issue, the research team of Zhejiang University has discovered the relationship between diet and geneticism through eight -year research surveys. To reduce genetic risks, the order of eating is very important.

Eat like this, reduce the risk of "second -generation sugar"

First of all, drink a bowl of soup before meals, because soup can provide satiety, dilute stomach acid, reduce appetite, and people who drink soup before meals are not easy to gain weight;

Secondly, when you eat vegetables and fish, vegetables and fish are low -fat foods. It is recommended to eat a few more vegetables. The variety is complete. It is recommended to cook lightly to avoid high -temperature fried.

Finally, eating staple foods, in addition to the common rice noodles, it is recommended to eat more coarse food, which can resist hunger, the calories are lower, the sugar lift index is low, and it is more friendly to patients with diabetes.

According to the recommendation of Chinese residents’ balanced dietary pagoda, Chinese residents should consume no less than 250 grams of staple foods daily, 300 grams of dairy products, 40 to 75 grams of fish and shrimp, and about 500 grams of vegetables.

In general, diabetic patients not only cannot eat bristles, but also other sugar -raising foods should be far away. The most important thing is that in life, we must pay attention to a healthy diet and stabilize sugar.The blood glucose control of diabetes is not achieved overnight. It needs sufficient patience and correct method.

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