Can children still ask for medicine without knowing pregnancy?

A few days ago, my friends around took some anti -inflammatory drugs without knowing that they were pregnant, and found that they were happy and uneasy after pregnancy.At this time, you will panic, and you will worry about whether the drug will affect the development of the embryo, will it lead to deformity.

Today, we invited Professor Zheng Ruijun, the female reproductive clinic of Henan Province, to say that it would affect embryonic development without knowing pregnancy without knowing pregnancy and those drugs that could not take those drugs during pregnancy.

The effects of drugs on embryos are mainly considered from two aspects:

1. The time for medication

2. Drug reproductive toxicity grading

The teratogenic sensitive period in human embryonic development is divided into three stages:

1. Unsophoraized period: within 2 weeks after pregnancy (the 14th-28 days of the last menstruation)

The effect of drugs on the embryo during this period is "all or none", that is, there is no effect, or the impact will cause abortion, and generally does not cause fetal malformation.

2. Sensitive period: 3-8 weeks after pregnancy (5-10 weeks of the last menstruation).The most dangerous period of the main organ deformity is this period. For example, the brain is 15-27 days after conception, the eyes are 24-29 days, the heart is 20-29 days, the limbs are 24-36 days, the genitals are 26-62 daysEssence

3. Low sensitivity period: 9-38 weeks after pregnancy (11-40 weeks of the last menstruation).After 9 weeks of pregnancy, enter the fetal stage. At this time, in addition to the central and reproductive systems, most organs have formed. The drug response is not the teratogenic response, but toxic reactions.

The reproductive toxicity of the drug is divided into A -level, B, C -Class, C -Class, and X level:

Class A: Among the early pregnancy women in the control group, there is no danger to the fetus, and the harm to the fetus may be extremely small.


(1) Vitamin: various water -soluble vitamins, normal doses of fat -soluble vitamins A, vitamin D

(2) Others: potassium citrate, potassium chloride, etc.

Class B: It does not show danger to the fetus in animal reproductive experiments, but the control group of no pregnant women or shows side effects on animal reproductive experiments, which is not much light.Its adverse reactions can be used appropriately.


(1) Antibacterial drugs: penicillin, amoxicillin, Acello Wei, ammonia pyrite Schunpattan, Paraceloninnazo, osmantic penicillin, multi -viscosillin B, Cefchloto, Cefchlo, Cefra, and Lading, Soda sodium sodium sodium, cephalosporin sodium, erythromycin, clinomycin, galinin, Medalin, Moro Peinan and so on.

(2) Anti -antihypertensive drugs: Akapo candy, two -metammer, and door winter insulin.

(3) Reflection and analgesic drugs: acetaminol.

(4) Drugs for digestive systems: Famodine, Renitidine, 泮 ((, etc.

Class C: It is confirmed in animal research to have adverse reactions to the fetus, (deformed and killing embryos or other), but there is no control group in pregnant women or in the study of pregnant women and animal studies.The fetus is greater than the disadvantages.(Use with caution, use the advantages than the disadvantages).


(1) Antibacterial drugs: amkarin, chloromycin, nagonazole, vanomycin, natomycin, Platethosacin, Cisciopype, Mossian husome, and Lenitidaid.

(2) Anti -virus: Genmirovovir, Oshweve, etc.

(3) hypoglycemic drugs: glitzine, Roglidone, bolglidone, Rogienina, etc.

(4) Drugs for digestive systems: Omela Found, Doradone, etc.

(5) Anti -antihypertensive drugs: ammony ground, Bisolol, Metololol.

Class D: A positive evidence that causes human fetal danger. When it is definitely beneficial to pregnant women, squares and applications (such as dangerous life and severe diseases that cannot be used to be safer).


(1) Antibacterial drugs: Voldemol, Tabicol, Rondomycin.

(2) Drugs for the treatment of hyperthyroidism: noreopromazole.

(3) Anti -suppressive drugs: 氨 (((((, Kamasiping.

(4) During the use of antihypertensive drugs in the third trimester of pregnancy: Katapley, Eunari, Betholol, Metololol.

Grade X: The research of animals and humans has confirmed that the fetus can be abnormal, and it is dangerous to the fetus based on human experience, which is dangerous to the fetus and is pregnant and pregnant.Both of the negative fetuses are harmful, and the danger of the application of this type of drug is significantly greater than its benefits.(Disable)


(1) Batin’s lipid -lowering drugs: Xinyatin, Louvarin, Attin, Flosvatin, Shuzhang Betin.

(2) Anti -virus: Libaweilin (virusazole)

(3) Hormonal drugs: meterone, ninosone, retractable, non -Na Xiongan, Gosherin.

(4) Others: Sali amine, Huafarin, methotrexate, maco frontol, prostaglandin E1, iodine glycerin, etc.

The effects of "all and nothing" within two weeks after fertilization in the early pregnancy, but not all drugs are okay in this period of time. There are three types, and they still have to pay special attention.


This is a more common antiviral drug. When a cold, doctors will prescribe this medicine.This medicine has a clear teratogenic effect and is a disabled for pregnant women.In addition, because the medicine has been metabolized in the body for a long time.Female friends who prepare for pregnancy should also pay attention to the normal pregnancy after 6 months after using the medicine.

Different dimensions

Alien A acid drugs have obvious teratogenic effects on the fetus and can even cause abortion.After taking the medicine orally, it takes three months to get pregnant.The method of external use also takes one month to prepare for pregnancy.

Hemp cheek vaccine

The hemp cheek vaccine is generally a vaccine that children only take.If you are used on the expectant mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, if you are pregnant, you may cause miscarriage and fetal stopping. There may be some abnormalities when the baby grows up.Women can only get pregnant after 3 months after playing this vaccine.

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