Can cervical erosion still get pregnant?

Everyone knows that cervical erosion is a very common gynecological disease in women, but everyone does not have to worry about cervical erosion because of cervical erosion. Some people even worry that they can get pregnant with cervical erosion?In fact, we have a certain misunderstanding of cervical erosion. Many female friends believe that we have suffered from serious illness and have reached the degree of erosion. In fact, it is not this. Moisting is just a medical statement and is not so serious.

Causes of cervical erosion

One: Excessive cleaning: Some women pay attention to hygiene, but lack the necessary knowledge. They often use a large concentration of disinfection and solution to wash the vagina, and the results are counterproductive.Because this will not only affect the growth of normal vaginal flora, but also reduce the role of the bacteria, it can also cause different degrees of cervical epithelium damage, and eventually erosion.

Two: multiple abortion: Repeated artificial abortion can cause to varying degrees of cervical damage. The opportunity for germs can be used to cause cervicitis.Due to the stimulation of inflammation, some secretions increase, and the long -term immersion of cervix in the inflammatory secretion can cause erosion.Therefore, women of childbearing age must do a good job of contraception to avoid multiple abortion and prevent cervical erosion.

Three: Unclean sex: Once there is a sex life, the vagina is relatively "open".Sexual life penis has direct contact with the cervix. If men do not pay attention to sexual hygiene, they can bring the germs directly into the vagina and infect the cervix; for women who have suffered from cervical erosion, they can increase their cervical inflammation and expand the erosion surface.Sexual life bleeding occurs from time to time.

Fourth: Menstruation continues too long: Studies show that the cause of cervical erosion is related to the menstrual cycle and the number of days that sustains: the prevalence of the menstrual cycle ≤20 days is 81.80%, and the prevalence of the person with ≥ 20 days ≤ 43.81%; the number of menstrual continuity daysThe prevalence of ≤ 2 days is only 33.33%, and the prevalence of the person on the day is 83.33%. Therefore, the possibility of cervical erosion with a short period of time and long duration will increase.The incidence of erosion can be reduced by extending the cycle and shortening the menstrual period.

Five: The intensity of sexual life is too large: multiple personality partners, excessive sexual life intensity (more than 4 times a week), menstrual sex life, etc., is also the cause of cervical erosion.

Harm of cervical erosion

1. The harm of cervical erosion is to cause a series of complications.

Women with cervical erosion can generally cause inflammation of other organs in the body, causing a series of complications.Endometritis: caused by the pathogens of cervical erosion.Chronic pelvic inflammatory: Cervical erosion spreads through the ligament of the palace and the lymphatic vessels to the pelvic cavity.If inflammation is involved in the bladder triangle area, acute urinary systems may occur, and patients may experience symptoms such as dysuria, frequent urination, and dysuria.

2. The hazards of cervical erosion can be reflected as cancerous.

Women with cervical erosion have the probability of cervical cancer ten times higher than ordinary people.Due to the stimulation of long -term chronic inflammation, the cervical canal hyperplasia is caused, and the columnar epithelium can cause atypical hyperplasia. If you cannot take treatment measures in time, it will slowly develop into an anterior cervical lesion.In addition, cervical erosion often merge HPU infection, developing in 5-10 years, so that it will eventually cause cancer and evolve into cervical cancer.

3. The hazards of cervical erosion can cause infertility.

When the degree of cervical erosion lesions is medium or severe, the cervical secretions will be increased, and its texture is thick, containing a large amount of white blood cells.These secretions will devour sperm, causing the activity of sperm to reduce it, which prevents them from entering the uterine cavity and causing pregnancy.

The properties of cervical mucus will change significantly, which contains a large amount of white blood cells, causing mucus to be alkaline.When the sperm passes through the cervix, the inflammation of the cervix will reduce the vitality of the sperm. At the same time, the sticky secretions make it difficult for the sperm to pass.In addition, inflammatory cells devoured a large number of sperm, which increased the probability of infertility.

Prevention of cervical erosion

1. Observe the amount of bleeding per month.

If the amount of bleeding from menstruation changes, it is generally necessary to be vigilant.

2. Observe leucorrhea.

Normal leucorrhea is a small amount of slightly sticky white secretions. With the menstrual cycle, its thinness and quantity will slightly change. If it increases significantly, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

3. Check the source of pain in time.

For example, there is often pain or severe dysmenorrhea on the lower abdomen, back, or 骶 tail. It should be noted that pelvic nerve nerves are compressed by tumors, or various symptoms cause irregular contractions. Severe tumors compress the cervix and hinder blood flow., Will cause severe dysmenorrhea.

4. Difficult to urinate and defecation caused by the sense of oppression.

If the lesions such as fibroids occur in the uterus, it may compress your bladder, rectum and ureter, and symptoms such as urination, difficulty in defecation, and backache back pain.

5. Self -touch.

Lie flat on an empty stomach, bend your knees slightly, relax your abdomen, touch the lower abdomen, from light to heavy, if there are large masses, you can find it.

From the above introduction, we can know that the mild cervical erosion can be pregnant, but if it is moderate and depth, it is best to treat the erosion before pregnancy, so that the pregnant woman is better to the fetus!

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