Can breast hyperplasia be pregnant? Reasonable treatment is the key

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We must pay attention to the maintenance of breasts, because there are many diseases in the breast, especially the incidence of breast hyperplasia is very high, and it is also very common. Breast hyperplasia is a common gynecological disease in life. So for women,Can breast hyperplasia be pregnant? Reasonable treatment is the key.

Breast hyperplasia is a kind of gynecological disease that we are familiar with. In daily life, there are particularly many situations. We must know its harmfulness and actively treat and condition after getting sick.

Can I get pregnant with breast hyperplasia?

Breast hyperplasia itself has nothing to do with whether you can get pregnant.Patients with breast hyperplasia cannot be pregnant mainly because the drugs intake in the treatment of breast hyperplasia will affect the health of the baby.

1. Patients with mild patients are better after pregnancy: If women suffer from mild and physiological breast hyperplasia, they can be pregnant or even pregnant.Because pregnancy and nurturing have a protective effect on the breast, the symptoms of mild breast hyperplasia can disappear and achieve the effect of dying.

2. Pathological patients must be treated first: For the pathological breast hyperplasia, women must be treated, and medicine will take medicine during the treatment. At this timeFetal abortion and other adverse effects.

1. Breast pain: Women suffer from breast hyperplasia, often pain or tingling, sometimes affecting the breasts on one or sides of the breasts, which are more focused on one side. Those with severe pain cannot be touched.And life.

2. Affect life: After women suffer from breast hyperplasia, women will have obvious emotional changes, such as frequent anger, nervousness, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. In addition, women’s normal life rules will also be affected, thereby reducing physical immune functions. In additionFemale breast pain also changes due to emotional changes.

3. Menstrual disorders: Women have breast hyperplasia, and there will be menstrual disorders. The menstrual cycle is irregular, small or color, and some women can also accompany the symptoms of pain.

4. Female cancer: Women with hyperplasia of breasts are higher than normal women, and clinical symptoms and signs are often confused with breast cancer.It is mainly clinical characteristic of breast lumps and breast pain. Generally, the pain in the early menstrual period of women is aggravated, and the symptoms after passing through are slowly reduced.Because breast hyperplasia can cause cancer, female friends are considered the greatest harm of breast hyperplasia.

Breast hyperplasia

1. Choose the right bra.You can prevent breast pain, tenderness or discomfort by wearing a movement bra during exercise.The important thing is that the movement bra should be suitable. It should keep the breasts almost motionless when the body is still, and move with the chest while exercising instead of shaking up and down or left and right.When the bras of the bras become relaxed, the movement bra should be replaced in time.A young woman who is in development may need to buy a new bra every 6 months.

2. Keep your mood cheerful and eliminate unnecessary doubts.Arrange the schedule reasonably, combine work and rest, proper physical exercise, lose weight, quit smoking and alcohol.

3. Diet regulation, such as low -fat diet, avoid intake of foods or beverages containing alleacacleum -containing elasticine (coffee, cola, tea, chocolate), etc., are beneficial to the treatment of breast hyperplasia.Taking Monthly Seeing grass oil (γ-linoleic acid) is effective for 50%of patients.

4. Those with obvious pain, you can take non -steroidal steroid painkillers under the guidance of rich experienced doctors (patients under 20 years of age do not use aspirin, so as not to cause Renault syndrome)Moisturizing and custody of Chinese medicines.

5. For married women, living a good sex life is also helpful to reduce breast hyperplasia.

6. Learn the breast self -examination and discover the lump of the breast in time.

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