Can B -ultrasound monitor ovulation?Those who want to be pregnant, choose this time to monitor the most accurate

For women who want to succeed in pregnancy, the monthly ovulation period is very important. Only healthy and normal eggs can make women have high -quality conception.In life, there are some women who can’t conceive after a long time of pregnancy, so they are particularly confused. They want to monitor ovulation through B -ultrasound to know their ovulation period and increase the chance of conception.Ovulation is the best when monitoring. Generally speaking, B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is the most accurate at this stage.

Generally speaking, menstruation and ovulation are affected by the influence of hybrid gland and ovarian secretion. The length of the period and ovulation period of the menstrual and ovulation period is about the same. There is a cycle every month.It occurs in the middle of the two menstruation, but because each woman’s menstrual cycle is different, sometimes the ovulation period is different.

And if women want to monitor the ovulation date through the B ultrasound, they can be calculated through the menstrual cycle. Most of the calculated methods are calculated from the first day of menstruation, and the ovulation period occurs in the middle of two menstruation. ThereforeOn the first day of the first day until the 14th day is the day of ovulation, and the first 5 days and 4 days of this time are called the ovulation period, which means that the results of the monitoring on the tenth day of the menstrual cycle startIt is the most accurate.

1. It is best to adopt vaginal B -ultrasound

When choosing B -ultrasound to detect follicles, it is best to adopt vaginal B -ultrasound, because the vaginal B ultrasound can better judge the ovarian secretion of eggs.

2. Find a fixed doctor

It is best to fix the doctor monitoring when performing the B -ultrasound and monitor the follicles. The monitoring of the fixed doctor can allow the doctor to help know the development of follicles and the discharge of follicles from beginning to end. Due to different hospitals and different doctors’ judgments, different judgments are also different.Therefore, fixed doctors can make women get the same result.

Third, to cooperate with the doctor

During the examination process, women should pay attention to cooperating with doctors. Only by cooperating with doctors can doctors speed up the examination and can be checked more detailed.

In general, B -ultrasound monitoring follicles is a relatively common method of monitoring eggs. This method can increase the chance of women’s conception. If women don’t know when their ovulation period is, they can let themselves know through this method to knowAnd arrange the same room to increase your chances of conception, so that you can have a baby who belongs to himself faster.

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