Calcium supplement during pregnancy is supplemented by pregnant mothers

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This problem, the bacteria broke the defense directly!

So today I will emphasize with you:

Calcium supplementation during pregnancy is for pregnant mothers!It is not for the baby, the baby’s own calcium is sufficient, no need to replenish it!

A May -old baby girl in Sichuan, because the parents are over -supplement, have caused their children to grow up with stones, and even blocked the ureter!

It was even more dangerous to drag down, and the doctor immediately became a notice of illness!

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Almost all the calcium in our body is stored in bones and teeth, and less than 1%of calcium circulates in the blood.

Calcium in the bones is a place for calcium in the body, which can be said to be calcium banks.

Once a woman is pregnant, the fetus will transform the calcium reserved in the mother into their own calcium during the development of the fetus.

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No matter how much calcium reserves in the mother’s body, the baby takes away is calcium that can ensure her growth and development.

Even if Bao Ma is in a state of calcium deficiency, the baby’s absorption of calcium will not be reduced.

Instead, Baoma may have problems such as osteoporosis and more fracture due to insufficient calcium reserves.

A colleague of bacteria had a colleague because she ignored the calcium supplement during pregnancy, and once a "flat fall" caused her calf fracture!

A study by the China Disease Prevention and Control Center in 2015 showed:

An adult female calcium intake meets only 3.3%of the recommended amount.

That is to say, more than 96%of adult women in my country are in a state of calcium deficiency!

And studies have shown that women are more likely to lack calcium than men.

In addition to a large amount of calcium loss during pregnancy and lactation, women are prone to lack of calcium, and these are also:

■ Insufficient intake of dairy products

Dairy and dairy products are the best sources of calcium diet and excellent protein diet.

"Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2016)" recommends that each person consumes 300G dairy products per day.

The "China Dairy Business Index Survey Data Report" released in June 2020 shows:

my country’s per capita dairy consumption has increased from less than 6 kg 20 years ago to 36 kg.

The intake of dairy products in my country is still low, and the per capita drinking amount is less than 1/3 of the world’s per capita consumption.

■ Drink too much drink

The beverages here are mainly divided into caffeine -containing beverages (representing drinks with coffee, strong tea, milk tea) and carbonated beverages.

The 2019 China beverage industry trend development report shows that there are 410,000 tea beverage stores, and women are the main body of consumers.

Studies have found that caffeine affects calcium absorption and increases calcium loss. Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

The phosphoric acid contained in carbonated beverages can cause the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in the human body, and then accelerate the loss of calcium.

■ Too few sun exposure

The body’s absorption rate of calcium is very low. At this time, the same nutrients -vitamin D is needed to help.

In daily life, the main natural source of Vitamin D is the synthesis of the skin in the skin.

And now, on the one hand, because of the working hours of "996", it is difficult to contact the sun.

On the other hand, even if they can go out, everyone is covered with sunscreen, and we put on sunscreen caps and put on sunscreen.

In this way, there are very few opportunities to obtain vitamin D through the sun.

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We also mentioned earlier that the body’s absorption and utilization rate of calcium is very low.

If you simply supplement calcium, you will not only achieve the expected effect, but also increase the human body’s metabolic burden.

To change this state, the intake of vitamin D is the key!

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Vitamin D is the responsibility of the transportation officer in the human body, and can send the calcium in the body into the blood.

Simply put, vitamin D can promote calcium absorption.

However, vitamin D is difficult to obtain from daily diet, so you need to replenish the tonic.

"Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2016)" recommends vitamin D intake:

10 μg (ie 400IU) at 18 ~ 65 years old, 15 μg (600IU) per day after 65 years old.

Bacteria recommended pregnant mothers can always supplement vitamin D, or even make up for life!

For calcium supplement, it is relatively not so important.

Bacteria is recommended to be supplemented only in the middle of pregnancy, and it will end until the end of breastfeeding.

How much do you want to make up?You can long press and save this form, and select the calcium supplement method according to the content of the form:

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In fact, many foods in our lives are rich in calcium.

Therefore, calcium supplementation is not like vitamin D, and bacteria are also recommended to replenish calcium through food!

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However, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers are special crowds. Because they also support the baby, the calcium loss in the body is large.

Through ordinary diets, it is no longer possible to meet the needs of calcium in the body. At this time, the supplementary agent needs to be considered.

Common calcium on the market is calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

Bacteria is also recommended to choose calcium carbonate with high calcium content (40%) and cheap.

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However, calcium carbonate needs to rely on gastric acid absorption and need to take the same risk of side effects such as flatulence and constipation.

Calcium calcium is low (21%), and it is also slightly more expensive. It is suitable for people with lack of gastric acid, inflammatory bowel diseases, or absorbing disorders. The probability of side effects is also lower.

Of course, there is also a combination supplement for calcium+vitamin D on the market, and pregnant mothers can also choose according to their needs.

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Finally, I remind pregnant mothers that although it is important to supplement calcium supplementation during pregnancy and lactation, it is not a lot of good.

Most of the calcium ingested from the diet exceeds the upper limit, but the calcium supplemeter accidentally consumes too much.

Too much calcium intake may not only cause constipation, interfere with the absorption of iron and zinc, but also increase the risk of kidney stones and heart disease!

Bacteria is not recommended to eat too much calcium supplement, but in daily life, you must pay attention to the intake of high calcium food!

And vitamin D, it is recommended to replenish for life!

I am in October, I love this world.

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