Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time, 4 indicators on the B -ultrasound single in the early pregnancy, whether the fetus develops well?

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Not long ago, in the "Wife’s Romantic Travel" program, Cai Shaofen said with tears that she had dreamed of "there can be four children" since she was a child.The baby’s fetal stopped and there was no heartbeat.

Although things have passed for a long time, there is still pain that is difficult to look back, but now she is not only "both children and daughter", but also have three treasures. The family of five is very happy.

Like Cai Shaofen, many women have experienced tire stops. There are two cases of fetal stopping. One is that the fetus has not had fetal hearts. HCG has not doubled, and the fetal buds are not long.Later, there was no fetal heart, and the blood test HCG doubled a lot or even decreased, and progesterone decreased.

In pregnancy, judging whether the fetus develops well or not, mainly through blood tests and B -ultrasound, and do B -ultrasound. In the early stages of pregnancy, you can see several "indicators".

In fact, to see if the fetus is developing stable and whether there is a fetal stop, it is mainly judged by doing B -ultrasound to see if some indicators of the test results are normal.In other words, in the early pregnancy, if these four indicators can be seen on the B -ultrasound, it is implied that the fetus development is relatively stable and better.

Pregnant sac and yolk sac

Generally, at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, the gestational sac and yolk appear, and it can be seen through Yin Chao.

The yolk sac is gradually developed into a fetus, and the gestational sac is wrapped outside. It is the primitive placenta tissue. Before the placenta is formed, the fetal buds are temporarily transported for their development. At about 10 weeks of pregnancy, the gestational sac will gradually develop into the placenta.

In the early stages of pregnancy, as long as you do B -ultrasound, you can see that the gestational sac and the yolk sac indicate that the fetus is developing.

By looking at the position of the gestational sac, you can see the location of the fertilized egg in bed. You can specify whether the fetus is inside or outside the palace.Initially estimate the number of days of pregnancy and the development of embryos.

But if you do n’t see the pregnancy sac at 6 weeks to 7 weeks, but HCG is getting higher, it may be ectopic pregnancy.

Fetal heart and fetal buds

Generally, about 7 weeks of pregnancy, then go to the B -ultrasound to see the fetal heart and fetal buds. The B -ultrasound shows "visible fetal buds and primitive fetal heart tube beating", and the size of the tire buds and the heart rate of the fetal heart rate will be written.How much.

Ferry Heart: Women with regular menstrual rules can see fetal hearts at about 6 weeks of pregnancy. Women who are not regular menstruation also see the fetal heart at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, but as long as the embryo appears, the fetal heart is appeared.It means that the fetus is healthy.

At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the heart rate of the fetus is 90-100 times per minute. Until 8-9 weeks of pregnancy, the number of fetal hearts is "straight-line increasing", and then reaches a peak.150 times a minute.

Fetal buds: The fetal buds are small embryos, but the gestational week is small, and it has not yet developed into a small fetus. It is a budding period for the rapid development of organs.

Generally, after 5 weeks of pregnancy, a small tire buds of the size of rice grains can be seen next to the yolk sac. At about 7 weeks of pregnancy, 1.5-2 cm long.

In the early pregnancy, the embryo has just been differentiated and developed in bed, and it is still unstable. In order to avoid abortion of fetal discontinuation, pregnant mothers should be particularly careful, and specifically need to pay attention to the following aspects.

① Rest less.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable and reduces activity, and most pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy have a bad response due to early pregnancy reactions, so they need to rest. Especially pregnant women with red or brown secretions, it is best to rest in bed.Avoid activities.

② Avoid strenuous exercise.

In order to avoid the occurrence of signs of abortion, in addition to rest in early pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also avoid strenuous exercise, including the same room and heavy objects, otherwise they may see red and danger.

③ Far from bad factor that is not conducive to fetal development.

Early pregnancy is an important stage of differential organs and development of the fetus. If it is stimulated by "adverse factors" in the process of differentiation and development, it will interfere with normal differentiation, leading to malformations in the fetus, even abortion, and fetal stops.

Therefore, avoid contact with these adverse factors in early pregnancy, including chemical preparations, drugs, environmental pollution, and various radiation.

④ Try to relax and avoid being too nervous and anxious

Don’t be pregnant in the early stages of pregnancy, because you are worried about the development of the fetus, you will be particularly nervous, or even anxious. This is incorrect. You should try to relax as much as possible and face the positive energy encouragement of the positive energy of the fetus with a relaxed and optimistic attitude;Because the negative emotions of pregnant mothers will also affect the healthy development of the fetus.

In the early pregnancy, it is a very important stage, and it is also a period of high incidence of fetal stop and abortion. Therefore, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to checking.You can see the pregnancy sac and yolk sac. You can see the fetal heart sprout around 7 weeks of pregnancy, which indicates that the fetus is developing well and stable, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

However, if the fetal development is not good through examination, on the one hand, a review must be made. On the other hand, pregnant mothers must also be mentally prepared, listen to the doctor’s advice, and do not blindly protect the fetus.

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