Caesarean section steal the toilet and produce a child in one and a half years, throw the trash can after being abused, and it is very afraid of thinking for four years.

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CCTV Channel’s "Trial Edition": The defendant’s defendant had a cesarean section for one and a half years. On July 1, 2014, the defendant secretly gave birth to a baby boy in the toilet and threw it to the trash when he was abused.

This is a sad story. It is really downs: she is pregnant, even if she does not admit, does her body appetite and tired, can she not see her family?Caesarean section was pregnant for a year and a half. Do they not take measures?Isn’t she afraid of death by herself?After the mother gave birth to a child, she would have the mood of mother. She killed her child. Can her heart stop water?The in -laws of the in -laws do business, but they only give her 50 yuan for money. Does the child eat and drink without money?Isn’t she so resistant to having children? Isn’t it because she faced the greatest malicious and indifferent?

There is a paragraph on the Internet:

Faced with someone who doesn’t love you, you die, but he thinks you are asleep!

What did this woman go through?

As we all know, in October, she was pregnant and gave birth. Four months later, her abdomen would bulge. Is her mother -in -law and her husband who can’t see it?

Are there any most basic common sense?

Even if she said that she was not pregnant, they never thought about it:

Without pregnancy, why is the belly big?

Are they not afraid that their family will get sick?

Is it really a family?

In the video, the woman’s mother said that her husband was a mother, and her mother -in -law was in the house. Isn’t she also a woman herself?Don’t be a daughter -in -law, why can’t you treat your daughter -in -law well?

This sentence is a woman, but I want to say, "Responsible husbands will not let their women have children," because women have children who can live alone.

And to a large extent, it is caused by men.

Many men are very selfish. In order to realize their desire for their children, let women pregnant uninterrupted pregnancy.

Since her husband has no weaning herself, and there is no way to achieve economic independence of small families, why can’t he get pregnant again?

Now that you have given birth to a child, do you even have the most basic common sense of fertility?

She had a cesarean section, and wasn’t afraid of one dead body in three years?

This woman, she doesn’t love herself enough, even if she doesn’t want to abandon in time!

Even if there is no money, should I find my mother’s family to help remove the child first, and it is more safer than giving birth?

What’s more, it is cruel!

It is said that tiger poison does not eat the son. Which mother will kill her child?

How could she be desperately gave birth to the child, how could she bear to kill him!

But because her husband didn’t happen, her mother -in -law was too depressed, and her mother -in -law was too strong.

Through her mother’s narrative, she learned that she had only 50 yuan to buy vegetables and thrown on the table.

He is scornful, and it can be seen that her mother -in -law did not communicate with her.

The grandson is only one and a half years old. It is the most cute time. It is the most difficult time. The family did not communicate. All her hard work was pressed on her daughter -in -law. Can she be good?

Probably because of her inner pain, she was unwilling to regenerate her child, nor was she willing to come out to suffer with her!

It is said that there is no adultery, and her mother -in -law holds the economic power at home. It can be seen that her mother -in -law is strong.

Since she is doing business together, since her son has become a family, why can’t he have a certain economic dominance?

In general families, if 50 yuan of vegetables per day, it is actually more than enough.

However, as we all know, raising a child’s family is a matter of burning money. Even if it is 50 yuan a day, it is estimated that there will be a few.

Since her mother -in -law is doing business, why is it so stupid?

Can’t she think of the child a lot of money?Why not give more pocket money for daughter -in -law?

Even if the family does not need to be too clear, it can’t treat the daughter -in -law!After all, she still needs to bring children and raise children. She also has what she wants to buy, and pocket money cannot be less!

It can be seen that her mother -in -law is also a foolish person. The mother -in -law wants the second child, but she is not kind to her daughter -in -law.

Human nature is to avoid harm. It is because she was not treated well when she had a child. Therefore, she was unwilling to be born safely, even if she could not abandon.

Children are the most beautiful existence, and they are also the most keen test gold stones in my mother -in -law.

People often say: "If you want to know that your in -laws are people or ghosts, you will know if you have a child."

Indeed, having children, having children is the most vulnerable time, and the most time when you need to understand and take care of.

If the woman was not treated well at this time, would she dare to go to other extravagance?

A child is isolated, and she can cope with it. In addition, adding a kind of hardship and pain is definitely not simply added, but a double superimposed.

It’s terrible to think about it. She may be really tired. When she is dead, she will lose her biological and flesh.

Perhaps she has always been awake. She just didn’t want to have this child, so she used an extreme way.

Although at the end of the court, she was forgiven by her husband and mother -in -law, shouldn’t the most understandable person be this woman?

In this special murder case, the most injured was her.

She killed the child, maybe she would say that she lost her mind, but at the same time, who could deny that she did not know her situation clearly?

Born as a person, everyone wants to live a good life, but if you do n’t do it, you will always give birth to a little bit of suffering.

Hope that child can go all the way, and hope that heaven will not hurt;

I hope that woman can forgive herself, truly forgive herself in her heart, and live her wonderful!

I hope her mother -in -law and mother’s husband’s husband can wake up in time and be able to treat her children and her after being released from prison!

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