Both of the couple have miscarriage twice. For the same reason, doctors: Is it so bad for self -control?

During pregnancy, women need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Whether it is diet or some usually living habits, it may be changed. A small thing that is uncertain in usual may affect the fetus in the stomach.Therefore, since the pregnancy is prepared, the couple should learn some common sense about breeding, otherwise they may hurt the fetus.

The couple have miscarriage twice during pregnancy. The same reason, doctors: Is your self -control so bad?

The couple of the little grandson got married late, and both were 30 years old. They were pregnant for half a year after marriage, but they had a miscarriage when they were two months pregnant.After the doctor asked the situation, Qian Ding Wan asked, saying that he should pay attention next time, otherwise it is easy to cause the child to have a miscarriage.

After a year after the first miscarriage, the body recovered almost, and I was pregnant again. However, this time the child did not keep it. The two people felt that they were pregnant for almost 3 months.Holding back the same room, this time I went to the hospital again. This time I went to the hospital for surgery. The doctor scolded the two: "I really convinced you, is your self -control?Can’t you be careful? This has been miscarriage twice. I really worry that I will not be good in the future! "

This time the husband and wife are really very ashamed and regret their behavior, but they really respond to the doctor. They have been almost two years since then, and they can’t conceive the baby. They are anxious.At the age of 35, he became an older woman, and it was really angry!

Therefore, for the pregnant mothers, we must protect my baby well, and say no to all the habits of the fetus in life.Below we mainly talk about the problem of the same room during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, there are two key periods that are firmly unable to do the same room

1. Early pregnancy: before 3 months of pregnancy

Before 3 months of pregnancy, it was a period when pregnant mothers needed to be careful everywhere, because at this time the baby had just begun to sprout, and the beginning of differentiation to form various organs and tissues. The embryo development is not mature, and the connection with the uterine wall is not stable enough.If you are not careful, you may cause miscarriage. The pregnant mother must be very careful when walking, let alone the same room. This must be prohibited.

2. In the third trimester: after 6 months of pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, because the embryo is too small, the development is not perfect and it is easy to have a miscarriage. Then, in the third trimester, the baby has grown up and grows very strong. Is it not afraid of the same room at this time? Of course not! In the third trimester of pregnancy!Although the baby is already very large, it is also sensitive to the external stimulus.In the third trimester, the same room is likely to cause contractions, which can easily lead to premature breakthroughs and cause premature birth, so you need to prohibit the same room!

In these two periods, pregnant mothers must restrain themselves. When I can’t help it, you can choose to have a moderate room in the middle of pregnancy, but the frequency cannot be too high or too hard.To reduce the same room, the health and safety of babies throughout pregnancy are the most important!

What do you think? How did you spend during pregnancy?

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