Bleeding or 5 -point factors in the same room, teach you 4 steps for emergency care methods, but don’t ignore medical treatment

I often encounter fans in the background to consult with panic: "Xiao Miao, why do I bleed in the same room?"Although knowledge is constantly popular, many friends are still lacking in knowledge in this area. Today, we will come to the common causes of bleeding to everyone.

Ovulation bleeding

A small number of women bleeding during ovulation.Calculation of ovulation period: In the case of menstruation, the next day of menstruation is about 14 days to 16 days before the tide.Bleeding during ovulation may be related to hormone levels before and after ovulation, and the level of estrogen has a brief decrease, which causes the endometrium to lose the support of hormones and some uterine endometrium falls off and cause regular Y road bleeding.

Before and after menstruation

If the T room is before and after menstruation, the bleeding may be less than the menstrual flow. This is because whether the endometrium is before falling (before menstruation) or after falling off (after menstruation)Small blood vessels rupture and bleeding.

Hymen injury

The most common thing is that the film rupture during the first T room.At that time, there was pain, and there was bleeding at the same time. The amount of bleeding was usually not much.

Early pregnancy

Both bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy may be manifested by HI threatened abortion, so if menstruation delays and bleeding occurs, it must be vigilant.It is recommended to buy early pregnancy test strips, so there is also a number in your heart.

Y Daoyan

Common Y Taoitis includes moldy Y Daoyan, trichomonas Yaowan, and senile Y Daoyan.Y Daoyan is usually accompanied by vulvar itching, increased leucorrhea, and Y Road’s mucosal edema, congestion, etc.At this time, the stimulation of Y Road may have blood secreted with blood.

Cervical cancer

The occurrence of room b -bleeding is its earliest symptom.

There are many small blood vessels at the cancer lesions, and the tissue is fragile. Therefore, whenever the T room is, the capillaries will bleed due to damage and rupture.If cancer develops further, it is more likely to bleed.Most patients with cervical cancer have no symptoms of discomfort early, and bleeding may be the only symptom.

other factors

Taking emergency contraceptives, submucosal uterine fibroids, and uterine -placed in -uterine -saving rings Disdosted, after artificial abortion, and premature rooms in the same period of the puzzle, which is also the cause of bleeding.

If bleeding is found, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible to treat and recover in a timely manner.

What should I do under urgent situations?

(1) After discovering bleeding, stop the T room immediately to avoid further bleeding.

(2) Wipe with water and keep dry. If necessary, you can use sanitary napkins or pads.

(3) Preliminary judgment of the cause of bleeding, and excluded one by one according to the above reasons. If the situation is serious, you must seek medical treatment in time.

(4) Observe the bleeding situation. If the amount of bleeding is greater than the usual menstrual flow, it can be considered that the problem is serious and you need to go to the doctor in time.

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