Black fungus becomes a "poisonous fungus", and many people are poisoned and sent to the hospital for rescue!This kind of fungus is avoided

In our daily life, black fungus is a more common food on our table. It is loved by most people, but if the black fungus is not good, it will cause great harm to our body and even cause poisoning!

Recently, a 56 -year -old aunt in Guangdong has caused multiple kidney organs to fail due to the 3 -day bubble. The ICU was rescued for a week before leaving the danger.

Four people in Hunan’s 4 people caused food poisoning caused by black fungus that have been soaked for a long time. Many people have been taken to the hospital for treatment.

When you encounter this kind of food, you must pay attention not to eat it!If you accidentally eat this kind of food, it may cause poisoning, and it will even endanger life.And some bad businesses will add a large amount of additives in order to make his black fungus look better, and long -term consumption will endanger people’s health.

So we must learn how to distinguish the quality of black fungus and whether it is toxic!As a 30 -year -old dry goods store owner, let me share with you how to avoid this problem today!

1. What is going on with deterioration poisoning of fungus?

It is understood that the deterioration of black fungus is because the soaking time is too long, which will produce a rice yeast acid, which will cause food poisoning.Rice yeast acid is also known as beromal acid toxin, which is a matter of colorless and tasteless.

The toxic toxin of rice yeast is extremely toxic. He can inhibit the combination of cell wall into protein, splashing back to love protein decomposition enzymes, and destroying important organs such as liver and kidney.After the body’s intake, it is easy to be absorbed by the human body and induce food poisoning. The mortality rate after severe poisoning is as high as 90%.

Therefore, in our daily consumption, do not buy the fungus for too long. If the hair time accidentally takes too long, try not to eat it.

2. Symptoms of black fungus poisoning

After eating toxic and fungus, there will be symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, general weakness, numbness of limbs, and lips.Once a suspected black fungus poisoning occurs, go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. In the hospital, actively cooperate with treatment, and at the same time pay attention to rest to ensure sufficient sleep.

Black fungus is very common and safer food, but because this kind of food has a toxicity, it will cause adverse reactions once after eating, which will cause death. Therefore, if you want to eat black fungus in life, you must do it.So soaking treatment!

3. How to soak black fungus

Dry fungus is generally soaked in cold water. In winter, warm water can be used. Put the fungus in a container and soak for about 2 to 4 hours. Try not to exceed 6 hours as much as possible.

In summer, it can be soaked in the refrigerator refrigerated, which can effectively suppress the reproduction of microorganisms.

The soaked fungus is soft and translucent, and it is more flexible. If the soaked fungus sticky, there is no elasticity, and there is a odor, it means that this fungus has deteriorated, and try not to eat it.

4. How to choose high -quality and fungus

1. Look at the color

The normal black fungus color is dark brown, and there will be many small particles on the ear slices, like the texture on the walnut.

And those black fungus that are more bright and look particularly bright, are likely to add a large amount of pigment and chemicals, resulting in the color and shiny color, without any impurities.

In order to make the sale of fungus look more beautiful, some illegal vendors will dye fungus and make fungus look very beautiful.

2. Look at the texture

Generally, the fresh black fungus is very soft and tender, it is easy to bubble, and there will be a layer of glue on the surface, but if the color is darker or heavier, it means that it may be added with additives and cannot be eaten.

If you find that the surface of the fungus is very shiny, and it feels more flexible to the touch, it means that this is healthier; if it is darker in color, and it feels very rough or even humid, it is likely to add bleach or other other bleach or other.chemical materials.

3. Smell the taste

If the inferior fungus is soaked in a pungent odor, it is likely to be a bleached fungus.Do not buy this kind of food, which will cause great harm to our body!

Therefore, when we buy black fungus, we must take a closer look at whether it has been bleached, and then buy it again!

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