Beware of "lurking danger", frequent gums of gums during pregnancy, don’t take it seriously!

"Thank you so much, Director Liu! Looking at this big grandson, I really like people! I know I believe you must be right!" Aunt Li excitedly held the hand of the chief physician of Liu Chunling, specially for the second ward of the obstetrics and gynecology department.The medical staff sent the flag.

Aunt Li’s daughter -in -law, Ms. Wang, found that the blood plate was extremely low during cesarean section examination in a cesarean section in the local hospital. The doctor told that the surgery was extremely risk of hemorrhage. Ms. Wang and her family were very worried.At this time, Aunt Li remembered his former master doctor Liu Chunling, and then called and drove more than 300 kilometers to our hospital.After admission, Director Liu and the doctor of the bed, Xu Siyuki, had kidney disease and blood transfusion and other departments.Recent recovery and discharge!

Chairman Liu Chunling reminded the majority of mothers: "Women during pregnancy are special, and the whole body is in a high -coordinated state. It is not easy to cause nasal hemorrhage or gum bleeding.It attracted enough attention, and did not conduct a check -up due to the negligence of over three months before the delivery, and it was not discovered until the surgery was discovered. In particular, the majority of mothers were reminded that it was very necessary to go to the hospital after pregnancy.The checkup can help us understand the health status of pregnant women in a timely manner. If you are unwell, don’t panic, go to a regular hospital for medical treatment in time. "


Minimally invasive surgical therapy for uterine, ovarian, fallopian tube benign and malignant tumors; minimally invasive surgical treatment of uterine prolapse, vaginal swelling, stress urinary incontinence; hysteroscopy therapy mucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, uterine uterine, uterine uterineConditioning; tubal reinforcement, ectopic surgery in the palace, hymen repair, vaginal relaxation, stress urinary incontinence, large and small labia plastic surgery, etc.Difficulty, surgery, surgery of obstetrics and critical illnesses, and diagnosis and treatment of various obstetrics.

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