Being pregnant, can’t you do these 8 things?

Every pregnant woman at home is protected like giant pandas. Some people have shaken off high -heeled shoes, some people have been facing the sky, and some terrible and terrible families have requested that the neighbors next door are turned off WiFi … pregnancy is veryThere are many places to pay attention to hard work, but excessive tension is not necessary.Routine inventory -the taboos you have heard during pregnancy, which one is true?


If you are pregnant, you ca n’t skin care or makeup?

Not, don’t use these ingredients with these ingredients

As long as it is a regular, guaranteed skin care and cosmetics, it can also be used during pregnancy.If you are still not assured, you can directly buy a special series of maternal women launched by major brands.Or choose the most basic skin care product, the ingredients are relatively simple (as pure natural and plants as possible), and the texture is mild and not irritating (it is best to choose not to add alcohol, hormone, heavy metal, mineral oil and other skin care products to avoid causing pregnant womenSkin allergies).

But there are several components that cannot be used during pregnancy!

1. Anti -wrinkle skin care products containing vitamin A acid (vitaminic acid Retinoids)

2. Salicylic Acid skin skin care products

3. Nail polish and spray gums containing phthalates (PHTHALATES) (try not nails and dye heads as much as possible during pregnancy)


Computers, mobile phones, and WiFi have radiation, can it cause baby deformity?

要 Normal use, but don’t use your eyes too much

As of now, no study has proved that radiation (radiating sources of non -ionizing radiation) generated by domestic appliances such as mobile phones, computers) will cause harm to pregnant women and babies in the abdomen.The World Health Organization stated that under the intensity of electromagnetic fields exposed to normal environment, the risk of adverse results such as natural miscarriage, fetal malformations, low weight loss, and congenital diseases will not be increased.So don’t depend on everything on "radiation".

However, this does not mean that pregnant mothers can use computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, always sitting without moving, looking down at the mobile phone for a long time, it’s not good for anyone ~


Is it useful to wear radiation protection uniforms?

用 Psychological comfort> Function

The principle of radiation protection is that a certain metal wire is added to the materials of the clothes, which has a certain protective effect on a single electromagnetic radiation, but the effect of pregnant mothers will not wear too much.

① Many things in daily life will generate radiation, which is not harmful to the human body

In life, all the light and heat will produce non -ionizing radiation of varying degrees. The dosage is very low. If it is harmful, people may be bombarded into ash on the road.

② Even if it is really harmful, it cannot be blocked by radiation protection clothes

The radiation protection clothing is not completely closed. It only blocks part of the body. The neckline and cuffs are exposed. If there is really an ionizing radiation that affects the human body (such as the X -ray used by hospitals), this clothes cannot be blocked at all.You know, the protective clothes in the hospital are lead clothes.

③ Not only is it heavy for a long time, but it will also block beneficial substances

To put it plainly, this radiation protection suit is a "psychological comfort."However, it is not only useless to cover the radiation protection suit, but also "block" some substances that are beneficial to the human body in nature, such as infrared and ultraviolet rays in the sun, after all, moderate sunlight is beneficial to the body.


Sleeping posture during pregnancy, the best lying on the left side?

Yes, especially in the late pregnancy

1. It can reduce the compression of the aorta and skeletal arteries of the uterus, ensure the blood supply of the placenta, and provide the baby with the nutrients required for growth and development.

2. Avoid edema caused by poor blood flow.

However, the relative position of each pregnant woman’s uterus and lower cavity veins is not the same. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable on the left side, you can also change to the right side.There is a maxim with edema of the lower limbs. It is best to use a pillow to raise your legs slightly, which is conducive to blood flow.


If you are pregnant, do you want to say goodbye to high -heeled shoes?

✔It better not to wear

After 3 months of pregnancy, if you stand for too long or go too far, your feet will have different degrees of edema. After 6 months, the entire foot will often swell into a noodle.

Most high -heeled shoes are harder and narrow toe, which is not conducive to blood circulation of lower limbs.It is necessary to wear it only to aggravate lower limb edema.

The belly of pregnant women is increasing and weight gain, and the "burden" of both feet is heavier. The center of gravity of the body when standing or walking has moved forward.stable.For the sake of safety, pregnant women should be tolerated, try to wear flat, soft and comfortable shoes as much as possible.


When you are pregnant, you must quit smoking and quit drinking?

都 Please stay away from tobacco and alcohol

Pregnant women’s smoking and drinking will indeed have a negative impact on the fetus (smoking will increase the fetal rabbit lips 3 months before pregnancy). Pregnant mothers with smoking addiction must be completely quit!

If Bao Dad cannot quit smoking, please do not smoke in the house.Try not to let the pregnancy numbness in the environment of second -hand smoke for a long time.


Love toothache during pregnancy, have to deal with your teeth before your arms?

That’s right!

The increase in estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy can easily expand the capillaries of the gums, bending, and elasticity.EssenceIt is best to perform thorough dental examination before pregnancy to eliminate hidden dangers.And do a good job of oral cleaning during pregnancy, and you can take the opportunity not to give bacteria.

If the toothache during pregnancy is unbearable and the gums are swollen and pain, you need to immediately ask dentist treatment (general dental treatment, such as periodontal disease does not affect the fetus), do not take medicine without authorization.Remember, before looking at the teeth, you must tell the doctor that he is pregnant.


Do you have to abstain from pregnancy?

但 You can ooxx, but you need to know these 2 points

As long as the physical condition permits, XXOO can be XXOO during pregnancy.It should be noted at 2 o’clock. Because the placenta before 3 months of pregnancy is not stable, and the excessive sexual behavior may cause miscarriage, it is best not to do the same room in the first 3 months.It is not possible to do the same room for three months after pregnancy to prevent premature birth.In addition, because prostaglandins in semen are susceptible to uterine contraction, sexual behaviors should be used during pregnancy.If the placenta position is abnormal or aborted during pregnancy, the performance of the placenta cannot be in the same room, and it must be followed by the doctor’s entrustment.

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