Because the woman was pregnant with a twins, the doctor suggested to kill or reduce the fetus. Can she keep the child?

On November 25th, Zhengzhou, Henan, women were pregnant with eight twins that caught the attention of netizens.According to reports, due to irregular menstruation, the pregnant woman was taken to take some ovulation -promoting drugs during the treatment during the treatment of local clinics, so she was pregnant with 8.The doctor recommends that it is best to kill, or perform tire reduction.In this regard, pregnant women and family are shocked and happy.Subsequently, pregnant women posted a video saying that they hope to have good treatment opportunities, "you can keep a few more babies."

I still want to keep a few more … The two can be born in peace. It is very good.

My family is also a twin, I am so appreciated.The twin reaction during pregnancy is generally much larger, and others may not be too big.I lost ten pounds in three months at that time, boiling water every day, and occasionally a few buns.The stomach is sore, the throat is burning, and the stomach is hot every day, and it is difficult for a minute.That kind of pain is far more uncomfortable than having a child. The pain of having a child is one or two days. The pain of pregnancy is suffering every minute. It is not until three months.

Even if you have a strong pregnancy, it doesn’t matter, the twins are risky at all times.At that time, I added a few twins, and there were premature births from time to time. The earliest births born in 28 weeks, weighing more than one pound, the insulation box lives for two months!It took about 300,000.There are many births of about 30 weeks. The children have more than two pounds, and they live in the thermal insulation box, which costs 100,000.

There was also one of the pregnant women who found the fetus in five months.

In a few groups, not many people can support it at 37 weeks.In addition to spending a lot of premature babies, it also has a certain impact on children’s physique.

Some pregnant women have fallen in 21 weeks, which is not uncommon.Therefore, the twins are very dangerous for children to pregnant women. Do not pursue twins.

Not to mention the triggea, there is a triplet in the group for 33 weeks, and it is more than two pounds. It is very lucky.I should obey the advice of a professional doctor. The doctors have seen a lot, and they will judge according to the physique of pregnant women.Although the risks are great, there may be miracles, and the main topics will consider themselves.We can only share our own experience. It can only be a reference.

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