Because she was beautiful, she was dragged into the artillery tower by the devil twice, but when she returned home, she found that she was pregnant!

She is known as "the first beauty in Shanxi", known as "Gai Shanxi". Heaven gave her a handsome face, but fate did not care about her.She was born in troubled times, and she was in poor luck, and her fate was too beautiful. Because she was too beautiful, she was taken into the artillery tower twice by Japanese devils.It’s better to die, but in the end she survived strongly.

Her name is Hou Dong’e. When I review her story, my heart is "dripping blood". I feel the strong and greatness of the mother.The revolutionary hero has sacrificed himself for the safety of the village.

She was born in 1921 ordinary farmers’ families in Yugu Village, Yue County, Shanxi. Before the devils came, the whole family lived a bland and happy life.Although many people couldn’t eat at that time, their family hugged the group to warm up and moved forward.

Hou Dong’e has grown beautifully since childhood, and the eyes of Shui Lingling make people can’t help but look at it. She not only looks beautiful, but also very sensible and virtuous, actively helping her parents to work farm.The people in the village praised her parents to have a good daughter, which is enviable!

The Hou family has a daughter who has grown up and has a storm. The fifteen or sixth -year -old girl has become a beautiful woman who is famous for her ten miles and eight townships.

However, the loyal and honest parents saw Li Shuangxi, who was equally honest in the neighboring village. In the marriage of that era, the parents were included in the parents.

In this way, they walked into the palace of marriage under the arrangement of their parents. After marriage, they were very loving, like paint, and soon gave birth to their sons named "Li Yinen". The family was full of laughter.

Li Shuangxi had a son and was working hard. Her wife Hou Dong’e tried his best to serve his in -laws at home, took care of the children, and took care of all housework.The two were clear and lived in a happy life.

But happy life is always so short!The Japanese invaders occupied Shanxi, and the village where Hou Dong’e is located cannot be spared.The devil hit the door of the house. Hou Dong’e was filled with indignation and encouraged her husband to go on the front line to fight against Japan. Under the support and encouragement of his wife, the husband became a anti -Japanese warrior.

And she did her best to support the front line of the front line, publicized the anti -Japanese thought, and organized the women in the village to weave the Eighth Route Army and Military Shoes.

Due to the outstanding performance, Hou Dong’e became the director of the Village Women’s Rescue Association and joined the Communist Party of China.For the safety of the people in the village, she led the villagers to hide in Tibet. The devils came. She led the villagers to actively transfer it to Houshan to go to the cellar.

However, Bai Mi had a sparse. Hou Dong’e’s name was outside. She was known by the Japanese devil’s beauty. She coveted her, always looking for a "flower girl".

Captain Ito entered Gaozhuang Village, where the artillery building was built for the ghosts to enjoy.Ito found the pseudo -village chief Guo Mengwa and said to him, "Find some flower girls for me, and name it to find Hou Dong’e!"

Guo Mengwa, who is unconcerned, is unwilling to inform Hou Dong’e’s hiding place and try to delay time, but the cunning devils can not eat that set. Ito took his daughter to threaten him. If he didn’t find it, your daughter would suffer.

Guo Mengwa was so scared that he kneeling and begging for mercy: "Taijun, forgiveness, my daughter is still a child, I will find it for you!" However, his daughter failed to escape the magic palm after all, and was defiled by the devil.

Several Io School of Iquai followed Guo Mengwa to the village to find Hou Dong’e. She was too late to escape in her cellar.The devil broke into her house and saw a baby crying on the hoe. This is the daughter of Hou Dong’e’s birth shortly after birth. The son was so scared that he did not dare to speak, but Hou Dong’e did not see the trace. Guo Mengwa knew that she could not bear to leave her child, andWithout going far, hidden in the cellar.

The traitor Guo Mengwa told the devil Hou Dong’e in the cellar. She was suffering from her inner suffering, and she dared not produce at the atmosphere.The devil came to the mouth of the cellar and threw the big stone, and said loudly, "If you don’t come out, your children and the people in the village have to die!"

Forced to be helpless, she had to come out and was caught by the devils, watching the daughter and young son waiting to be fed, and her heart was like a knife.I don’t know when I will come back?Perhaps it is "there is no return."It was also the beginning of her tragic fate.

On the way to the base of the devil, several little devils stunned her beauty and couldn’t help gang raping her.Hou Dong’e was in this deserted place, and he should not be in the same day.

Next, it was ruthlessly destroyed and insulted. Captain Ito saw such a beautiful "flower girl".Beast is not as good as the beast, and immediately raped her.

A few days later, she was tired of being sent into the devil’s artillery building. In the cold and humid and dark room, she lived in a few women with the same destiny as her, with a stunned clothes and a stunned look at her.

Whether day and night, they are suffering from physical and psychological torture.They are reduced to the "play" of the ghosts and are not allowed to resist. If they resist, they will be beaten.

Hou Dong’e thought about running away all the time inside, and also thought about committing suicide, but when she thought of the children in the family and the sick in -laws, no one took care of it. She gave up the idea of suicide and had to live strongly.

On a night dark wind, Hou Dong’e took advantage of the gap between the devil’s post and escaped and fled desperately, but because the sky was too dark to see the road in front, he ran to the cliff and fell down. The next day, the next dayHe was caught by the devil back again.

She was caught in, and our party organization was actively rescued by her, but all ended in failure.Later, by bribing the puppet army to take a piece of opium to Hou Dong’e.

It was tortured by the devils inside, and the devil thought that his life was short long and put it out.

When she returned home, she gradually recovered her health under her mother’s careful care, but she would never lose her daughter, and her daughter was starved alive.She was distraught, but she couldn’t fall, and her son was beside her, and she must live strongly.

A few months later, she could work on the ground and depended on her son.The devils still do things that are not as good as beasts on the Chinese land. Japanese invaders have not been kicked out of China. How can there be a peaceful and happy life!

The devil heard that Hou Dong’e had recovered, and sent her back again.She knew that she couldn’t escape, instead of resisting it, it was better to bear it silently, and let the devils be ravaged. One night, more than 50 devils insulted her in turn, and couldn’t imagine how much pain to her!

Despite this, she also encouraged other sisters to live stubbornly and fight against Japanese devils in her own way, we will definitely go out!

Later, Hou Dong’e, who was not adult, was redeemed by his family with 150 oceans.After returning, she found that she was pregnant, and she was pregnant with Japanese children, evil!

After the body recovered, she forced height of the heaviest and tired work in order to kill the fetus in the belly, but left a regret that she could not have children in the future.

After finally waiting for the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, her husband who fought outside was back, thinking that the family finally lived a good life, but the suffering was not over, and she continued to repeat her.

Her husband had abandoned her "unclean" and divorced her, leaving her son relentlessly, which was undoubtedly a fatal blow to her.Compared with "the ghost’s ravage", her husband’s abandonment is more lethal. Her son is the courage to survive.

Hou Dong’e regained his mood and revived the constitution. In order to see the growth of his son, he fought with his destiny unyieldingly and lived strongly.

In order to survive, she chose to marry a disabled husband who was more than a teenage than her.Her husband loved her very much and was very good to her. They also adopted a child and saw that the days were better than day by day.But unfortunately, soon after his disabled husband died of illness, the adopted son was robbed by the tribe, leaving only her lonely.

Her life is full of suffering, and her life has never treated her tenderly. After reading the vicissitudes of the world, Hou Dong’e lives more transparently and calm.Suffering is still continuing …

She was criticized by the villagers. She pointed at her behind her, and she had abandoned her into the artillery building. She was unclean, and no one helped her. She alienated her!One day, she walked tremblingly on the muddy mountain road and fell to the ground. No one passing the villagers helped her up. She could only crawl back, which could not help people chill!Think about it that year, after being busy with the safety of the whole village, she led everyone to transfer, but she was unfortunately caught by the Japanese.

With the advancement of the times, her deeds were dug out. With the help of relevant personnel, in 1991, Hou Dong’e stood up bravely in his later years, unveiled the scars of the past, filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo court, and accused the Japanese invaders in China in China.The criminal crime.

In 1994, Hou Dong’e died lonely in a small cave in Gaozhuang Village and ended her suffering life. Until death, she did not wait for the Japanese to apologize, trying to erase this history.

With her life, she was too beautiful and she was taken into the Japanese artillery twice.

Between home and the country, she did not hesitate to choose the national righteousness, actively participated in the anti -Japanese activities, and encouraged her husband to participate in the army on the front line to fight against Japan.

She was born in the war, and she swallowed all the sufferings.After every suffering, she became stronger and stronger.However, the atrocities of the Japanese invaders in the Chinese land cannot be forgotten. Keeping history in mind. This history of suffering has inspired us to continue to move forward. As long as the country is strong, we can not be bullied by others!

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