Because I couldn’t give birth, I asked my husband to divorce. After the divorce, I became pregnant

Perhaps every girl has a dream in her heart. In the future, she will marry a beloved person, and give birth to a cute child, three people in one house, spring, summer, autumn and winter!

This requirement does not seem to be high, but the ideal is full, but the reality is sensible.The more people are pursuing, the less they are, and some people are easily owned but do not know how cherish it!

In the process of everyone’s growth, they have never been in the world and have experienced some absurd emotional pasts.I thought my husband and I could last forever, but after all, because of some pressure that could not resist, we chose to divorce!

But my fate seemed to have a joke for me. When my husband and I divorced, I found that I was pregnant!Pay attention to Qian Meng and listen to the story of netizen Wei Wei together!(The names in the text are all pseudonyms)

My name is Wei Wei. I was 29 years old that year. The reason why I became old -fashioned is because I had a relationship that could not be forgotten.

The ex -boyfriend is my college classmate. He once thought we would always be together, but he was fine with a girl with a background in the family!I couldn’t go out for a long time, and then I wanted to open it, for such a person, it is not worth it!

After falling in love, I resigned and returned to my parents’ parents.I am the only daughter, and my parents have long wanted me to come back.I started a new life and opened a small dessert shop. The business is okay, which is higher than the previous work income.

My parents saw that I had always introduced me to me, but I couldn’t touch the right one.It’s not that I can’t forget my ex -boyfriend, but after I hurt it, I was afraid.

Time is like flowing water, and a few years have passed.Seeing that I am 29 years old, my parents are anxious to my life.I also mobilized relatives and friends to introduce me.In this way, I met my husband Wang Yi through a blind date!

He is very tall, his eyelashes are long, and wearing clothes is very stylish, and he suddenly attracted me.Although he is the same as me, he looks more sunny than me.Laughing a pair of dimples, lining the wheat -colored skin, seemed very attractive.

I wondered that the looks like him will be left. Although we meet for the first time, there is a sense of familiarity at first sight.

On Valentine’s Day three months later, we established a relationship between men and women!He was like a ray of sunshine, taking into the heart of my long -closed heart.I am like a shameful little woman, enjoying the sweetness of love!

Under the urging of parents of both parties, half a year later, we got married!Seriously, we are a loved pair.He is also the only son of the family. We were urged to ask for children not long after getting married.

Wang Yi also thinks that I am 29 years old, and I want my child to recover your body earlier!Of course, I have no opinion, and it is a matter of a reason for my beloved life.But things are far from what I think!

For two years, I can’t be pregnant.I couldn’t think of infertility with me.Many years ago, I had been pregnant for my ex -boyfriend. I don’t know if I hurt!

These things, I was so bad that I didn’t dare to say to Wang Yi.Wang Yi is always spoiled in me, the more he feels more guilty.I secretly went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that I had no problem. Don’t be too stressful.

But my mother -in -law started to pick me up.Recently, my mother -in -law always pointed out that Sang Huai, saying that I have a problem again and again.I knew in my heart that my husband was the only son, and my mother -in -law wanted to hug her grandson long ago.She felt that I couldn’t deserve her son, and it was not pleasing to see me all day.

Wang Yi always comforted me. It is good to have no children, so that they can better enjoy the two -person world.In fact, I know he likes children.Many friends around got married early, and some had a second child.Every time Wang Yi likes to tease children to play, it feels shining in his eyes.

On that day, Wang Yi was not at home, and her mother -in -law suddenly begged me to let me leave the house.It is said that the three generations of their family can be broken in this generation!Actually, why don’t I want to give birth to Wang Yi?only…

I know in private, my mother -in -law and Wang Yi have said many times and let him divorce me!He was under pressure, on the one hand, his parents, on the other!I don’t want him to embarrass him. Although I can’t let him go, I still filed a divorce to him cruelly!

That day he cried like a child and said he couldn’t bear me.Why am I not!That night we couldn’t sleep all night, and he kept talking about love, and our body was unconsciously posted together to make the final farewell.

We said it, and I went to divorce at dawn. I felt very painful, but at that moment I had a sense of relaxation that I never had.I no longer have to blame myself and guilty, but because I ca n’t give birth to my child, I ca n’t raise my head at this family!But sad in my heart, maybe I can’t meet a person who fits so well with myself!

The next day, we really divorced!Although we love, although we can’t let go of each other!But from then on, we will have a width, no longer!

Two months have passed, we have not contacted, I think maybe he has already started a new life!I have n’t been out for a long time, and the shop is handed over to my cousin to take care of it.While the sun is good, I also go to expose myself almost moldy.

When I came to the dessert shop, I took a small cake I like to eat, and leaned on the window while eating!At this time, there were not many people in the store. I looked at the crowds who came and went, and my heart was inexplicably sad.Don’t you say that desserts can make people feel better?How could it be invalid to me!

Thinking of this, a disgusting feeling tossed from the stomach, I wonder if the stomach is cold or what?My cousin saw me uncomfortable and felt it.Since my divorce, I feel that I will become the key protection target of the family!

My cousin and I said, is it that sweetheart is not fresh and uncomfortable in my stomach!Sister cousin said quickly, "No, it’s all new. Are you coming for a holiday? When she was asked, I realized that it may be the reason for my mood for two months. I have never come to the holiday!”表 表” “

Sister cousin said, "You won’t you get pregnant?" I said quickly, "Impossible!" I was not pregnant for more than two years, how could I get pregnant?My cousin was not assured that I took me to the hospital for blood to test the blood, but I was really pregnant!

I do n’t know if I should be happy or sad. I have been looking forward to it for two years. Now I am divorced but I am pregnant?what do I do?

Feelings: Sometimes this is the case. The more you look forward to, there will be intangible pressure in your heart.As for pregnancy, excessive mental stress will affect pregnancy!

It was originally a pair of love, but was forced to divorce because he had no children and was forced by the pressure of his family!It’s a pity!But fate seemed to be a joke, but after divorce, he was pregnant unexpectedly.

In fact, the two did not have any substantial contradictions. It was all because of the only child of the family. The pressure given by the parents was too stressful to choose to divorce.

How can you choose if you are a guard?Can the two be able to continue the forefront? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!Pay attention to Qian Meng and listen to the story with you!

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