Beauty at a price!These 5 people should think twice before dyeing their hair

Hair dye is a relatively common chemical drug. If female friends often dye their hair, they will have a great impact on the body. If the situation is more serious, it will cause hair loss and skin redness.Relatively large.There are also several types of people in life that are not available to hair. Do you know?Let’s take a look together.

Who can’t dye hair?

1. Allergic constitution

Friends who are allergic to chemical drugs, it is recommended not to dye hair.Because hair dyeing cream contains more chemicals, if hair dye is dyed, it is easy to cause symptoms such as head redness, itching, and some patients often have hair dyeing and allergies.If you do n’t know if your hair is allergic, you can do a skin test. If the results show that it is positive, it is recommended not to dye your hair.

2. Women in the physiological period

It is recommended that female friends who are in the physiological period, can not dye their hair without hair.During the physiological period, female friends will have a lot of bleeding. In this way, the overall resistance ability will be reduced, and the skin is likely to have symptoms of infection after being damaged.It is recommended that female friends do not dye their hair during their physiological period, and their hair can easily cause irregular menstruation.

3. Where there is damage to the head

If a friend’s head is injured, you must not use a dyeing agent.After people’s skin is damaged, the toxic substances of the chromosome will circulate blood along the head.Patients with hair folliculitis and head -and -face eczema recommend that they do not use chromosomes. Otherwise, the harm to the body is very great, and we must pay attention.

4. The younger or older

Young children or older friends, do not dye your hair without dyeing your hair.After the child uses hair dye, the skin is prone to allergic reactions.In addition, the kidney function of the elderly is relatively poor. After using hair dye cream, the female friends can easily stay in the body in the body. In the long run, the impact on the body is great.

5. Women during pregnancy

Female friends do not use chromosome when they are pregnant, because women dye their hair during pregnancy, and the toxic substances in their hair cream will enter the fetus.

If it is not necessary to dye hair, it is recommended not to dye hair. Hair dyeing is very harmful to the body. Frequent hair dyeing is prone to symptoms such as itching and redness of the skin, and the impact on the body is relatively large.It is recommended to dye your hair at most once a year, and do not dye your hair frequently.

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