Bathing insurance during pregnancy causes abortion. Obstetrics and gynecologists: When taking a bath, you must pay attention to these points

After pregnancy, the new Chen Dynasty will accelerate, and you will feel irritable and anxious. The sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretions will increase. Every day, you feel sticky, so you will take a bath more frequently.I remember in the second trimester, I came out to wear clothes after taking a shower. Because of the water vapor, the tiles were relatively slippery. I accidentally split on my legs directly.Holding it, otherwise I really dare not imagine the consequences.After this incident, my husband told Wan Wan to tell that I would not take a bath in the future. I couldn’t wash it.

Women during pregnancy must pay attention to this. I am an example. If you want to take a bath, someone must be guarded by someone.In addition to the safety of bathing, you should pay attention to these points when bathing.

1: The best way to bathe is a shower

Pot baths are more worry -free and safer than the shower. This is for normal people. This is not the case for pregnant mothers. The shower can prevent the fetus from being scalded by bathing water. Secondly, bacterial infections can be prevented.We all know that some of the water in the basin bath will enter the vagina, so the bacteria in the water will also take the opportunity to enter the fetus in the uterus. This is why there is a bacteria in the privacy of the private place during the birth check.Don’t choose a pot bath for comfort, think more for the fetus.

2: Grasp the bathing time

Take a bathing time in bathing during pregnancy, because the space itself is relatively small, the air is difficult to circulate, and the temperature in the bathroom will rise accordingly, and the pregnant mother will be easy to tighten. In this sealed room,It is easier to cause insufficient oxygen supply.If there is insufficient oxygen supply, it is easy to cause dizziness, and the chance of falling will increase. If you fall during pregnancy, you don’t need to know what the consequences will be.

3: When bathing, do not buckle your belly button

The navel eyes are connected with the organs in the body. If the navel eye is exposed for a long time, it will hurt when it is cold or broken.The back of the brain needs to be protected, and the navel eye must be protected, because both places are relatively fragile.When taking a bath, the dirty things in the navel eyes can easily cause internal injuries if they are excessive.For children, nutrition depends on mothers. If there is any problem with the mother’s body, it will cause nutrition to stop transporting, which is undoubtedly a miscarriage.

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