Bailu solar term "Bai Lu Tea" eats longan

A few cool autumn winds spread the heat of the heat.Bai Lu’s solar term is a turning point from hot to cooling in autumn, and there is a saying that "Bai Lu is not exposed", which is also the time when farm work is busy.

It is the third solar term in autumn, indicating the beginning of the autumn season.In a long time, people explored a set of life and diet that adapt to the characteristics of solar terms. At this time, there are many customs such as drinking "white dew tea", eating eel, and eating longan.

The festival order reflects changes in temperature

Bai Lu is the 15th fifteenth in the "twenty -four solar terms". In terms of traditional calendar, it is the end of Shen Yue and the beginning of the month.At this time, the sun reaches 165 ° of the Yellow Meridian, and the time range of the festival is from the 7th to 9th from September to 9th.

During the autumn, the two solar terms before Bai Lu were in the autumn and summer heat, but the two solar terms did not mean that the weather turned cold immediately.Bai Lu is an important festival that reflects changes in the temperature in nature, and its arrival means that the sweltering of summer days is basically ending.

At this point, the temperature during the day is relatively high, and the water vapor evaporates, but after the sun falls, the temperature drops faster.At night, the water vapor in the air was condensed into small water droplets, attached to leaves, grass leaves or petals, crystal clear.

In the cognition of the ancients, the five elements were accompanied by four o’clock, and the autumn was "gold", gold white, so it described the dew in autumn.After entering Bailu’s solar terms, cold air often goes south in batches, which will also cause cooling within a certain range.

In the season, the cool autumn breeze reduced the temperature, but it also took away the water in the air. This characteristic is called "autumn dryness".

Eat eel and collect "ten sample white"

Around Bai Lu’s climatic characteristics, people gradually explore a set of ways to organize agricultural production and arrange clothing, food, housing and transportation.

For example, in some places, people will collect "ten white" (also "three -like white") at this time, which is used to use the black chicken chicken, or duck.Essence

The so -called "ten white" is said to be 10 kinds of herbs with "white", such as white mix, etc. This is to correspond to "Bai Lu" literally.There are also places, paying attention to Bai Lu to eat longan.

"If you want to warm up, you can eat duck meat; you can eat the seasonal autumn pear, grapes, etc., and pay attention to eating more vegetables." Wang Juan, a folklore expert, said that people with weak spleen and stomach can drink a little porridge porridgeCome to raise the stomach, chrysanthemum tea is also a good choice for "defeat".

Eating eel is also a good choice.It is said that eels have the effects of nourishing deficiency and nourishing blood and dampness. The eels in the Bailu period are the most fat and the best time to taste. Therefore, Suzhou has the saying that "Bailu Eel Cream drops crabs".

Source: China Weather Network

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