Bad nature!Guangxi female college student was raped by the teacher, three days of bleeding, the teacher was suspended

Graduate girls graduated from a university in Guangxi accused the teacher raped by the teacher. The lower body was bleeding for three days. The teacher was suspended

This was a sexual assault incident that took place at the Guangxi National Teachers College. A girl who had graduated issued an article on the Internet revealing that she was raped by a counselor Liao Moumou in 2016 and caused her lower body to bleed for three days.Girls said that they have not been able to report it. They decided to call the police until they found that Liao Moumou went to another college after he was fired in 2020 because of his obscenity of other girls.At present, the police have been involved in the investigation and took measures against Liao Moumou.

On July 15, 2023, a circulating on the Internet entitled "Surgery!"Graduate girls from a college sue being raped by the teacher!The lower body bleed for three days!The article of the teacher’s suspension "has attracted the attention and anger of netizens.In the article, a girl who claims to be Ms. Huang exposed her sexual assault experience when she was studying at the Guangxi National Teachers College, and attached relevant evidence and screenshots.

Ms. Huang is a student of the Foreign Languages College of the 16th Guangxi Ethnic Normal University. They are a undergraduate college. Ms. Huang graduated in 2020. She is now in 2023 and has graduated for three years.

In 2020, because Liao Moumou was obscene of a student in the school, after being reported by the girl, Liao Moumou was punished, and he was forced to resign at the Guangxi National Academy.

However, Ms. Huang found that Liao Moumou went to Guangxi University of Technology Vocational and Technical College as a college student counselor.

This made Miss Huang feel unbearable. She decided to make the fact that she had suffered from sexual assault to the public and called the police for help.

Ms. Huang said that when she first entered the school for about 10 days, she was stared at by her counselor Liao Moumou, forced to have sexual relationships, and suffered illegal violations. She had bleed her body for three days!Make her tired of body and mind!

At first, Miss Huang thought about treating this matter as a secret, and she was frightened every day, for fear that someone would have a strange look after knowing it!She was also very painful and couldn’t even come out!

She said that she especially wanted to reveal the counselor who had violated her, but did not want to be exposed!I chose tolerance again and again, but this pain was not alleviated at all!

Until recently, she learned that Liao Moumou went to another college through the way and still served as a college student counselor.This made her unbearable, and she decided to make the fact that she had suffered from the facts she had suffered to the public and called the police for help.

When Ms. Huang posted on the Internet, she attached photos of her ID card, student ID, graduation certificate and other documents, as well as Liao Moumou’s photos, work permits, WeChat chat records and other evidence.

She also provided a diagnosis certificate for the abortion surgery performed in the hospital on December 12, 2016, which wrote "the patient’s normal pregnancy for 10 weeks and requested to terminate pregnancy."

She said that this was the result of her pregnancy after being raped by Liao Moumou. She didn’t dare to tell anyone at the time, and could only go to the hospital for surgery.

She also said that Liao Moumou not only had sexual assault on her, but also tortured her.He often sends her some ambiguous and threatening information, asking her to obey his arrangements at any time, otherwise it will bear the consequences.

She said she had thought about committing suicide, but she thought of her parents and relatives, so she held back.

Miss Huang said that she is now married, but this matter has always been the shadow in her heart, which has affected her normal life and work.

She said that she hopes that through her own report, Liao Moumou can be punished by the deserved, and she can also protect more girls from being infringed by him.

This incident has aroused the indignation and sympathy of many people on the Internet. Most people condemned and despised Liao Moumou’s despicable and shamelessness, thinking that he was a scum with a beast.The damage and trauma of recovery also brought potential dangers to other girls.Some people praise and admire Miss Huang’s bravery and justice, thinking that she is a strong and kind girl. She has nothing to do wrong, and she should be respected and protected.Some people reflect on this incident and be vigilant, and believe that we should correctly treat the relationship between teacher and students, how to protect our safety and rights, and how to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.Only in this way can we jointly create a civilized and secure social environment.

The following are some netizens’ comments:

– "This Liao Moumou was so disgusting. He even started a girl who was just entering the school, which also caused her to have a pregnancy abortion. He had no humanity and conscience at all. He was a beast.He can never hurt any girl. "

– "This girl is so pitiful, just learn from the teacher, but has been so tragic. She has to endure mental torture and social discrimination after being raped. She is really an innocent and helpless victim.She feels heartache and sad, and I hope she can regain confidence and happiness with the help of law and society, and live a normal life. "

– "This incident makes me feel very reflected and vigilant. How should we treat the relationship between teachers and students correctly, how to protect our safety and rights, and how to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.We have our own principles and bottom lines. We must learn to refuse and ask for help. When we encounter danger, timely call the police or seek help from the people around us. We must jointly create a civilized and secure social environment. "

-Accover school safety management and supervision.The school should establish and improve the standards of teaching and student communication, student dormitory safety management regulations, video surveillance management regulations, etc., and establish a working mechanism for prevention, reporting, and disposing of sexual assault.Faculty and staff who implement sexual harassment and sexual assault shall be dealt with seriously, be expelled or dismissed according to law, revoked the qualifications of teachers, and included in the list of prohibitions.Those who violate the law shall be transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the law.

-Stidate students’ sexual knowledge education and prevent sexual assault education.Schools should teach students the basic knowledge and skills of growth and development and adolescent health through various forms such as classroom teaching, lectures, class meetings, theme activities, compilation and distribution manuals, Weibo, WeChat, and publicity columns.; Guide students to establish correct sexual concepts and self -esteem, learn to protect themselves and respect others; educate students how to identify and refuse bad behaviors, and how to report and ask for help in time.

-Phind the cooperation and support of family and society.Parents should care and understand their children’s physical and mental conditions, establish good communication and trust relationships with their children, and timely discover and solve problems that children encounter; parents should also strengthen their children’s sexual knowledge education and prevent sexual assault education, and give their children correctGuidance and help; all sectors of society should pay attention to and support schools to carry out the protection of minors, and provide professional legal assistance and psychological counseling services.

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