Babies who want to give birth to "white skin and beautiful" are really useful for these foods during pregnancy!

[Bao Ma example] At the end of last year, Xiaoxue, 27, and her husband gave birth to a little princess. During the full moon wine, relatives and friends congratulated them.Seeing that the baby was amazed, the skin was so white, there was no mole on his face, and his hair was very dense.Although the babies themselves are more delicate than adults, they are both dark. When they are pregnant, Xiaoxue is also worried that the baby may be as dark as they are born as they are.Later, according to suggestions, I insisted on eating more food during pregnancy. Sure enough, although the baby is not particularly fair, the skin is not particularly fair, but it is still whiter than the yellow skin, and the skin is also good.

There is a healthy and beautiful baby, the wish of every parent.If expectant mothers eat some more foods during pregnancy, through diet adjustment and scientifically matched nutrition, they will have an unexpected improvement role in the growth and development of the baby.

01 Improve your baby’s skin tone

The skin tone will be inherited. The skin color of the baby is usually determined by the common gene of both parents. Some parents are dark, and the babies born are usually dark.In addition, the skin color is related to genes, but also related to ultraviolet rays and diet.Therefore, babies can improve from factors such as the habits of the day after tomorrow.

It is recommended that expectant mothers can eat more foods rich in vitamin C during pregnancy, which will have a certain improvement of the baby’s skin color.Because vitamin C has a interference effect on the production of skin melanin, it can reduce the precipitation of melanin. The skin born in the future will be white and delicate.

Foods rich in vitamin C: Tomatoes, apples, grapes, citrus, cauliflower, melon, onion and other fruits and fruits, among which apples are the best.

02 Improve your baby’s skin quality

The baby’s skin is also determined by genetic genes.The day after tomorrow’s diet adjustment also has a certain improvement effect.

If parents have rough skin and want to improve the skin quality of the baby, it is recommended that expectant mothers can try to eat more foods rich in vitamin A during pregnancy.Because vitamin A can protect skin epithelial cells, making children’s skin delicate and shiny in the future.

Foods rich in vitamin A: Animal liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, tomatoes, and green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and vegetable oil.

03 Improve your baby’s hair quality

The baby’s hair is generally related to heredity, diet, and light.If the parents have early white hair or slightly yellow, and fall off, expectant mothers can eat more foods containing vitamin B in moderation to improve the baby’s hair condition.

Foods rich in vitamin B: lean meat, fish, animal liver, milk, beans, eggs, seaweed, walnuts, sesame, corn and green vegetables, etc. These foods can not only improve the baby’s hair quality, but also make the hair black.Thinky and shiny.

In addition to improving the baby’s skin tone, skin texture, and hair quality, if you want your baby to be beautiful, the mentality of expectant mothers is more important than what to eat.During pregnancy, expectant mothers must maintain a pleasant mood, do not get angry, let alone restlessness.In this way, you can have a stable, optimistic and energetic happy baby.


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