Autumn dryness is easy to get angry!It is recommended to eat more winter melon, teach you 4 methods, and learn that the winter melon at home is not enough to eat

Do n’t cook soup again. Hurry up and learn these 4 ways of eating. The winter melon in the field is not enough!

In the autumn, the fruits are popular, and all kinds of vegetables and fruits are emerging in the field. Even the small vegetable gardens at home are all green and green winter melons. They lie quietly on the ground, exuding attractive attractivenessThe fragrance, the winter melon looks at the big round, but the flesh inside is clear and translucent, which can play a role in cooling and fire. It is suitable for consumption this fall.

Today we will talk about the various practices of winter melon.

1. [Recommended recipes: braised winter melon]

Prepare ingredients: winter melon, green onions, garlic

Making method:

1. Wash the melon clean, peel and go, cut it into a block of the same thickness;

2. Cut the garlic into thin pens, cut the shallots into fine shattered;

3. Boil the oil in the pan, heat the oil, add the minced garlic and stir -fry, then pour in winter melon and stir fry, add salt and old soy sauce and soy sauce;

4. Cook the lid for a while, the melon will produce a lot of water, so there is no need to add water;

5. After cooking, sprinkle with green onions.

2. [Recommended recipes: Winter melon 饨]

Prepare ingredients: winter melon, meat foam, green onions, eggs, ravioli skin

Making method:

1. Wash the melon, peel and go, then wipe it with a filament device, and then add salt to kill the moisture;

2. Add salt, raw soy sauce, cooking wine, and sugar to mix well, then chop the green onion and sprinkle it on the meat, pour on the green onion with hot oil, stir the meat foam and marinate for half an hour;

3. Boil the oil in the pan, 70 % heat oil, add the skin, fried brittle, put aside and cool;

4. Put the marinated winter melon in the gauze bag, squeeze out the moisture, and then crush the fried ravioli skin in the winter melon, and the remaining moisture of the winter melon;

5. Pour the meat and fried eggs into the melon, stir all the ingredients, add salt, sugar and oyster sauce to season, and put as little fluid seasoning as much as possible;

6. The stuffing is ready, and the last is the bag.

3. [Recommended Recipes: Crystal Winter Gourd Volume]

Prepare ingredients: winter melon, minced meat, shiitake mushrooms, carrots

Making method:

1. Wash the winter melon, peel and go, and use the peeled knife to make a thin piece;

2. Peel the carrots and cut it into a broken end; the shiitake mushrooms are also cut into broken end;

3. Add cooking wine, salt, sugar, and raw soy sauce for a while, and then add carrots and shiitake mushrooms to stir well;

4. Boil the water in the pot. After the water is boiled, put the melon in the water and blanch it. This kind of winter melon slices are more crystal clear and softer;

5. Roll up the minced meat with winter melon slices and put it in the plate;

6. Boil water in the pot. After the water is boiled, the air is steaming for 15 minutes.

7. After the pan is out of the pan, pour the juice in the plate to the pot and add the soy sauce to season, cook it, and pour it on the melon.

Fourth, [Recommended recipes: winter melon duck leg pot]

Prepare ingredients: duck legs, winter melon, ginger

Making method:

1. Cut the duck legs into pieces, simmer the water in cold water, put it in ginger cooking wine and green onion; then remove it and drain the water;

2. Peel the melon to peeled and cut into pieces, cut into pieces;

3. Put the duck legs with water in the casserole, add water without duck legs, add green onion ginger wine, boil on high heat, turn over low heat for 30 minutes;

4. Then add winter melon and cook for another 10 minutes;

5. Finally, add salt and green onions.

You can try the winter melon in the field! You will never be afraid of the winter melon that you do n’t know how to eat it! Friends who like it can like it for reposting! (Dandan)

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