At the age of 39, I became a mother, and I started a different life since then

I was 39 years old in 2021. I had already abandoned the child. In March of this year, I talked a red bars.

I am not a strong woman, nor the Dink tribe, or why I ca n’t conceive after six years of marriage. At the beginning, I also had the mentality of Suiyuan., Live a chic world.

The elderly in the family naturally need to urge, but I was not in a hurry with my husband, and I did not step by step.So we relaxed the things about children.When I was 37 years old, I suddenly started to worry. It was the anxiety and anxiety. Every day I dreamed that I was pregnant by myself. I had a child. I saw someone else’s children. I regret it.Children can make soy sauce.So I started to actively prepare for pregnancy, bought a pile of test strips, calculated the ovulation period every month, counted as a day, go to the hospital to check my body, and then keep testing paper and test paper every month. This day makes me nervous, sensitive, anxious, anxious, anxiousHusbands are sometimes upset, but most of the time he understands.

Whenever I test paper, I have my own eyes with a double bar, and I look at the faint seals of which test strips, so look at the sun, look at the lights, watch during the day, and watch at night.Every time I go to the toilet, I refuse to go. I always think that the time is long, and the concentration may be higher, and the measurement is more accurate.Kung Fu is worthy of the heart. After measuring a day after half a year, I finally tested the pink seal with a test card. When I saw it, I trembled, and my heartbeat felt that my ears were shocked.Looking at, watching the long -awaited double bars, I laughed, but suddenly I covered my mouth again.Immediately I control my emotions and put this test paper in the drawer carefully. I thought that when my husband came back to surprise him at night, he must be very very happy.

But the more you look forward, the more disappointing people. In the time when I was waiting for my husband to go home, I tested three test strips in a row. The result was negative. There was no double bar at all.Not allowed?Or are I so excited just now?Or is it too cheap and low -sensitivity?Yes, it must be like this. Trying a note is too cheap.Change the clothes downstairs, buy 50 yuan of electronic pregnancy in the pharmacy, go back and see that it is the most accurate morning urine, so wait for tomorrow morning.That test card.

After a long and torment overnight, I finally reached five in the morning. I hurriedly took the electronic test strip into the toilet. I was tested according to the instructions with excitement.I was particularly scared, I didn’t dare to watch it, put it aside, and thought about it for a while, I might have the result I thought.Lying on the bed and turning around, always thinking about what the result is, really can’t bear it, love it, grab the electronic test strip with your eyes closed, count five numbers, and look at the display.Words come into view, "not pregnant"!

The pink double bar card with the wrong test has always been reluctant to lose. It was the first time I saw the double bar so clearly.

After a few more times for the hospital examination, after two gynecological surgery, it was 38 years old. This year, I seemed to have suddenly figured it out. There is no child.Life.I went to a few cities with my husband, chasing dramas every day, eating food, walking around, and waking up naturally.But sometimes when you see the thick book sticky book, it is still a bit sour in his heart.Seeing other people’s children, they will still be in God, and they will also imagine what she is pregnant.We are still preparing for pregnancy, but we are treating it as fate.

Perhaps this is God’s will.At the age of 39, in March after the Spring Festival in 2021, after eating an apple, I vomited it. My husband thought that my stomach was not good. I hurried to find the medicine to let me take it. When I picked up the water, I stopped.No, no, buy a test strip.

When my husband went downstairs, my silent heart began to jump again, and began to count the days of my aunt.After waiting for more than half an hour, I finally got the test strip. I bought several types at a time. With a sorrowful mood, I walked into the toilet …

His head, double bar!Pink double bar!I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hurriedly asked my husband to see. My husband said yes, so obviously, I can see it if I don’t face the sun this time.Morning urine, yes, morning urine is the most accurate, wait for tomorrow …

Another night without sleep, I desperately convinced myself to sleep well, but I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep in my head. The more I couldn’t sleep, the more I couldn’t sleep.

I couldn’t wait anymore at three o’clock. I got a few different test strips and rushed into the toilet. One after another, I finally finally finally, all of them were double bars, hahahahaha, the old lady was finally pregnant!I am mom!

From then on, I will start a new life!

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