At the age of 13, she was pregnant after being poisoned!The woman personally described the embarrassing days after taking drugs

Cardamom year, flower season girl.The pain of the 13 -year -old youth has made her unforgettable so far, and a rebellion of youth has changed the trajectory of her life.Ten years have passed, and Ms. Liang mentioned the unbearable memories again.(The following story is Ms. Liang’s personal experience)

That year, I was just 13 years old and began to be full of desire for the world of adults, and I couldn’t wait to join them.Learn to smoke, drink, makeup, hair dye … also made a group of "like -minded" friends, following them to skip classes, drink, fight … Doing everything with students is notRelated things are thought that this is the sign of growing up.Since then, I have become the "frequent visitor" of the teacher’s office, and my parents are extremely disappointed with me.

But I didn’t care about their opinions at that time.Once a friend saw me unhappy, he took me to the bar. The deafening music, the dim lights, and the almost crazy crowd made me very relaxed.Just when everyone danced crazy, they started to bow their heads to suck a white powder. I was a little curious. They asked me to try. At first I refused.But seeing them sucked in the bar again and again, making me more curious about this white powder. Later, they told me that this was K powder and the most popular at the moment.In the end, with the encouragement of my friends again and again, I tried for the first time, and I did not imagine good. My head was dizzy, nausea, uncomfortable, and vomiting.I also feel after being suck three times. I want to enjoy the pain first. "I tried it again and again under the induction of my friend.

Later, drugs often appeared in my life. Sometimes when dancing, some people directly stuffed the Tale Tale pills from behind, and I swallowed it directly.Slowly try various drugs from various people, such as K powder, methamphetamine, shaking the hecutu, marijuana, hemp …

Long -term drug use has made my temper more and more manic, and I can’t control my emotions at all.In the memory, I quarreled with my mother after sucking K powder. Under the extreme, I cut my wrist directly with a knife. After that, I wanted to find my parents to ask for money and commit suicide.There is really no money to buy drugs, just a few people collect money together, and then go to the hotel to open a house. Everyone sucks together.There are men and women in a room. The probability of chaos after smoking is much more chaotic than after alcohol. In this case, I don’t know how many relationships have happened to who have happened.

Sometimes there is no money to buy drugs. Without drugs for a few days, there are various symptoms of unsuitable symptoms. The mental state is getting worse and worse.The number of times has increased, and the toilet will be served once in less than an hour, but every time you go to the toilet, you ca n’t go up, frequent urination and less urine, and your head has severe pain. It seems that there is a drill to torture yourself in the brain.

After about 6 years, my studies have long been abandoned. My parents once thought about sending me to learn some skills, but I was unwilling, and I won’t mention it later."Maybe the family thinks that girls are going to marry, and I don’t have any energy to control me." In the past six years, my parents looked in my eyes and were anxious, and I was afraid that I would go on the way.drug!But where could I hear it at that time, my parents said, hit ten sentences, didn’t want to say, and fell directly out.

Until a day, just finished taking a shower from the outside after playing, ready to rest, and the police suddenly came to the door.I don’t know how to be discovered. It may be that my friends around me were arrested, and I also reported me.

In front of the police, I admitted that it was a drug that was taken in my own house. Later, I was sentenced to "tolerate others to take drugs" for the first time for 6 months.After entering, my father also came to visit me and told me that if there is another time, I will die for myself.But at that time, he did not take his father’s warning seriously.After coming out, the heart addiction is still very large. I went to the drug as soon as possible and continued to suck.Once you step into the abyss of drug abuse, many things have moved towards another path.Drug abuse, mixed with people in the society, do not get home every day … Finally, after 5 months, they were caught again.But when I checked it, I was pregnant.How did this child come from? I do n’t know who my father is. I did n’t want it myself. In the end, the child did not want it. Every time I took drugs, I did what I did for ‘Disposal’.After that, he was always arrested for more than ten days and was arrested again … Until the last time, he was arrested for the nearly two years of forced detoxification.

At present, Ms. Liang is trying to detoxify.Drug damage to human body is irreversible, and it also brings life into darkness.Cherish Nianhua and stay away from drugs!

Source: Zhuhai Anti -drug

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