At six weeks of pregnancy, the doctor let Zhaoyin super, and pregnant women are worried that they will not see that they will stimulate the uterus. What is the truth?

Guide: At the six weeks of pregnancy, the doctor let Zhaoyin super, but pregnant women are worried that not only can not see the child but also stimulate the uterus. What should I do?

Yin Chao, the B -ultrasound probe is put into the vagina of the pregnant woman to check the fetal condition.Six weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital for examination, and it was a bit early in time. If the doctor hadn’t checked anything, it would make pregnant women do yin, and really worry about pregnant women, because if the placenta of the pregnant woman is low, and the probe may stimulateIn the uterus, there will be a possibility of abortion. Although it is only 1%possibility, as a expectant mother, he is unwilling to take a little danger.

If the doctor has checked the pregnant woman, after examination, it is found that the pregnant woman’s abdominal fat is too thick and the placenta is not low. At this time, it is possible to ask the pregnant woman to do a yin -type B -ultrasound.As long as the doctor is careful, it is still possible. If you have stimuli to the uterus, you can also let the doctor help the fetal medicine.

If pregnant women are unwilling to do yin, they can go to check the chorionic gonadotropin (ie, blood HCG, HCG). Women are full of this hormone in their bodies after pregnancy.Through progesterone and HCG values, you can understand the quality of the embryo. Through the quality of the embryo, you can determine whether the embryo will form a fetal heart germ.The heart germ is a matter of time. At that time, if you still want to confirm whether the fetal heart germ is developed, you can do another abdominal B -ultrasound. By the way, you can also see a few children in the stomach.

If pregnant women do not want to do a blood HCG examination, then they can go home first. After another one or two weeks, come to the hospital for abdominal B-ultrasound. The 7-9 weeks of pregnancy can generally see the fetal heart germ. Of course, of course, of courseYou can also understand other circumstances of fetal development, but you need to remind you that during the period of 7-9 weeks, you need to pay attention to whether the vagina bleeds and whether there is abdominal pain?If one of the above two phenomena occurs, you should go to the hospital for examination.

Important reminder: In the early pregnancy, do not do yin super.

Topic today: Do you oppose the yin super in the early pregnancy?Still agree?

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