At 40 weeks of pregnancy, what should be paid attention to at 33 weeks of pregnancy?

I believe that every expectant mother is looking forward to the birth of the baby day and night in the third trimester. One is that the whole pregnancy torment makes the expectant mothers uncomfortable. The other is that they also want to see the baby.Persistence and waiting.Today, let’s take a look at what the expectant mother should pay attention to at 33 weeks.

The magical change of the fetus

At 33 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers are already looking forward to unloading. At this time, the baby baby can’t wait to think of it. TA is now about 40-43 cm in length and about 2,200 grams.The development of the fetal’s respiratory system and digestive system is close to maturity, but at this time, the skull of TA is still quite soft and not completely closed. There is a gap between each skull.Time has telescopic.

At this time, the baby’s skin is no longer red and wrinkled. His skin was red before, and now he slowly becomes pink. His fat is continuing to accumulate.The little doll.

The physical changes of expectant mothers

As the fetus grows up, the stomach and heart oppression of expectant mothers are more obvious. You will feel panic, asthma, or bloating, without appetite.

Many expectant mothers also have hands and feet, leg edema, so pay attention to the amount of water intake.For prospective mothers with serious edema, go to the hospital to see a doctor in time.

I would like to remind expectant mothers here that in this period, you must be prepared for childbirth, and physical and psychological uneasy and uncomfortable are common, so you must adjust it in time to make yourself best in the beststate.

Precautions this week

01. Be wary of premature birth: It is a major event that accidents are near the third trimester, especially to avoid the occurrence of premature birth. Therefore, expectant mothers must pay more attention to safety. Do not do some dangerous actions.Just stay at home with peace of mind and be a quiet expectant mother.

02. Be early as the fetal membrane breakthrough: The premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane usually occurs in the third trimester, so at this time you need to be alert to the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane.The fetal membrane rupture before giving birth, and there are amniotic fluid flowing out. This is called the premature breakthrough.If you feel that water flows out of the vagina, like urination, it is most likely that the fetal membrane breaks up early. At this time, you need to take it to the hospital in time.

03.B super check: When you are 33 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that expectant mothers do a detailed and comprehensive ultrasonic examination this week, mainly to evaluate the weight and development of the fetus to ensure that the fetus can be born normally and smoothly.

04. Avoid excessive fatigue: expectant mothers in the third trimester should not be too stubborn. It is not good to be a weak woman. Try not to do high -strength and long jobs, because excessive fatigue can easily hurt the muscles.Diseases of damage.

Special attention this week -umbilical cord around the neck monitor tire movement

The active space of the baby in the mother’s belly is becoming more and more restricted, and the umbilical cord around the neck is precisely due to the space where the fetus has in the palace.The umbilical cord elephant rope is suspended in the palace and wraps the neck and limbs of the fetus. If it is wrapped tightly, the fetus can be killed in the palace. If the umbilical cord is long, and slightly wrapped, it has no effect on the fetus.However, expectant mothers should also improve their attention. Once you feel abnormal fetal movement, you need to go to the hospital for a doctor to deal with it.

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