At 40 weeks of pregnancy, what should be paid attention to at 19 weeks of pregnancy?

Every day during pregnancy is worth looking forward to. The fetus changes a little bit. The mother has a magical feeling every day and a sweet memory after experiencing.So after 19 weeks of pregnancy, do you feel any novel changes?Do you know what your baby has become?I will tell you immediately.

The magical change of the fetus

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the baby in the abdomen was about 15 cm long, weighing about 220 grams.The biggest change in the baby in this week is that the organic organs have begun to develop rapidly according to the region.

In the brain, nerve cells such as tactile, taste, smell, vision, and hearing are differentiated.The fetus began to swallow amniotic fluid at this time, and the kidneys have been able to make urine. TA’s arms and legs are now proportional to other parts of the body.

He is far more active in the uterus than you think. His movements are not only flexible, but also more coordinated.Cross -legged, back, kick, flexion, stretch your waist, and roll.The baby may be able to hear what happened around now, and the way he responds is to become more active.

Specific mothers’ physical changes

19 weeks of pregnancy have arrived in the second trimester, and the uterus of expectant mothers has gradually increased, weight gain, and the abdomen begins to bulge.About 1.8 cm below the navel, it is easy to touch your own uterus.Your weight increases by about 3-7 kg.

Some expectant mothers may have some changes in the skin. Dark colored plaques may appear on the upper lip, upper cheeks and around the forehead. You can prepare in your heart, but not all expectant mothers will do this.

Precautions this week

01. Pay attention to observing fetal movement: The first fetal movement at 19 weeks of pregnancy is very light, or you may not feel it.If you really don’t worry, you will consult a doctor.

02. Pregnant education: Pregnant education is more important throughout pregnancy, and from now on, expectant mothers must seize the opportunity and communicate with the baby baby.Now is the best time for prenatal education, start vigorously to promote your prenatal education plan.At this stage, the fetus likes to listen to the low -frequency tone. The voice of the father is just appropriate. If the husband and wife can insist on speaking with the fetus in the uterus every day, it can evoke the enthusiasm of the fetus and help the fetal intelligence development.

03. Adjust your mental state: You must maintain a happy mood in life, rest more, do not stand for a long time, do not work hard, exercise in moderation.

04. Under the necessary circumstances, do a good job of Tang’s screening: Tang’s screening is generally ideal to do about 15-19 weeks of pregnancy. It is clear that the test of Tang screening can only help judge the fetus suffering from Tang’s disease.How big is the opportunity, but it cannot be clear whether the fetus suffers from Tang’s disease.

05. A moderate amount of calcium supplementation in the medium term: This period is involved in neurostellosis, bones, and muscle metabolism, and maintains the excitement of neuromuscular muscles.In addition to meeting their own needs, women who are pregnant must also supply fetal needs, so they need to increase calcium intake.If calcium is insufficient, it will affect the calcification of fetal deciduous teeth and permanent teeth and the development of bone bones. It will also cause pregnant women to cause calf cramps, fatigue, burnout, postpartum bone softness and loose teeth or teeth.

06. Eat more fruits and fruits: After the staple food and fat are reduced, expectant mothers are often hungry. At this time, you can eat more vegetables and fruits.There are also tricks in the choice of fruits. Pay attention to choose fruits with less sugar content, such as grapefruit, tomato, kiwi, watermelon, grapes, etc. can be selected.Crimination.


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