Asthma+pregnancy, how to solve it

When female asthma patients are pregnant, there are often some problems that make them very tangled. For example, will allergic reactions affect the fetus after pregnancy?After pregnancy, will asthma symptoms worsen?Can postpartum medication be breastfeeding?These doubts and entanglement often make young expectant mothers disturbing every day and worry about whether the fetus development is healthy.So, what should I think about the problem of pregnant women’s pregnancy?

If a asthma woman has an allergic reaction during pregnancy, will the chance of the birth of allergies?

The academic community is also controversial for this issue.Judging from the current research, no obvious correlation between the prevalence of female asthma and allergic constitution.Therefore, pregnant women do not have to worry too much.

Will the second pregnancy promote the symptoms of asthma?

After pregnancy, the symptoms of asthma of some expectant mothers will increase. In fact, many times because pregnant women are worried that they will continue to apply asthma treatment drugs, they may hurt the fetus and reduce the medicine without authorization.In principle, changes in asthma after pregnancy are more difficult to expect. Usually about 1/3 of pregnant women’s asthma symptoms will change slightly, and the symptoms of 1/3 of pregnant women will be severe, and 1/3 will remain unchanged.However, if there are severe asthma symptoms before pregnancy, the possibility of deterioration of symptoms after pregnancy is greater.

Do you not breastfeed after the tangling of postpartum after giving birth?

After the production of asthma women is produced, it is often worried that if asthma is used for the treatment of asthma, the drug will enter the milk, which will bring adverse effects on babies who eat breast milk.In fact, asthma therapy drugs are mainly active inhaled drugs, and they rarely enter blood circulation. Therefore, the concentration of enters the milk is relatively low, so as not to become a taboo for nurturing breast milk.In addition, if breastfeeding can last for more than 6 months, it is expected to delay the occurrence of children’s allergic diseases.

Warm reminder

Do good asthma control

Pregnant women with asthma are often worried about whether the entire pregnancy process is smooth than ordinary pregnant women.In principle, the measures to control asthma attacks do not affect the method and process of production. In addition to a few severe cases, asthma itself does not hinder the production process.It is recommended that women with asthma do a good job of controlling pre -pregnancy diseases and use of reasonable drugs under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, it is best to choose to produce in regular hospitals to obtain more complete medical care.

Premature babies are more likely to suffer from asthma

Researchers in the United States, the Netherlands, and Britain have found that if the fetus was born early before the female was pregnant, the risk of respiratory disorders such as asthma and asthma would increase significantly.In addition, with the increasing number of premature babies, the number of patients with these diseases is increasing.Researchers at the University of Maskak University, Dutch University, and the University of Edinburgh, the University of Edinburgh, analyzed a total of 30 research reports included from 1995 to the present.Relatedness.The results of the study showed that the ratio of asthma and asthma in premature babies was 13.7%, and the proportion of children who were born normally were 8.3%, indicating that the risk of asthma and asthma increased by 70%.Children who have a premature child in 32 weeks of pregnancy are more risky, and their chances of suffering from asthma and asthma are more than three times that of normal children.Researchers pointed out that asthma is a chronic disease that requires long -term control.This study has given people a deeper understanding of the cause of asthma. In the future, this ethnic group may further find a better way to help prevent asthma.

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