Asba can be carcinogenic, can cola still drink?

Today (14th), the International Cancer Research Institute, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (Food and Agriculture Organization) Food Additives Joint Expert Committee released the assessment report of sugar -free sweetness Asba sweets on health.Essence

The international cancer research institution quoted the "limited evidence" of human carcinogenicity, and attributed Asba to the list of "might be carcinogenic" -IARC2B.40mg/40kg weight.

Figure | who official website

In the domestic market, many products have taken Asba as additives, such as Coca -Cola Zero, Coca -Cola Fiber+, Sprite Fiber+and many other known zero sugar drinks.Worried about whether related foods can continue to eat normally.

The brand’s cola -type soda label the "0 Asba Sweet" by this wind, causing the search volume to increase.And many netizens looked at the cola hovering at home, caught in contemplation -can’t this Coke drink it?

Don’t panic ~

Because we eat daily food, many of them are listed as carcinogens.For example, the red meat we eat (such as pork, beef and mutton) is listed as a 2A carcinogen.

Maybe you are not very clear about the classification of these carcinogens, and carcinogens are divided into 1, 2A, 2B and 3 classes.Among them, the real hammer of class 1 and 2A is the most, while the 2B class is suspected to cause cancer, and the real hammer is not enough; there is almost no real hammer.

Obviously, we can see from the figure above that red meat is 2A, one more taller than Asba.

Even if we quit Cola, the same 2B level is mobile phone radiation, while the night shift and barbecue belong to the 2A.

In other words, even if you quit sugar -free Coca -Cola, there are barbecue and staying up late.

Not to mention, in addition to cola, there are potato chips, plums, yogurt and so on.

In an article published by WHO, we can also see such a statement "’limited evidence’ to human carcinogenicity", that is, the evaluated data indicates that there is no enough reason to change the previously determined Asba sweet every time to change the sweetness of the previously determined sweetness.Daily acceptable intake (ADI) 0 ~ 40mg/kg weight.

Big vernacular is that it is not enough.

Therefore, a person’s daily intake is safe as long as it is limited.

According to WHO, assuming that there are no other food intake, a can contains 200 or 300 mg of Astaba’s sweet weight loss soft drink. An adult with a weighing 70 kg of weightintake.

When discussing the relationship with health, we must talk in combination with dosage, otherwise it may cause skin cancer even if the sun is exposed to the sun.


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