As the saying goes "lift the dead under the plum tree", is the plum poisonous?Why not eat more?The answer is here

This season is the season when peaches, plums and other fruits are listed. As a kind of fruit that is born in my country, they are very widely distributed in my country and have been grown in large quantities.

Because these fruits have strong adaptability, less pests and pests, and its output is not low, even if it is planted, the same output is very amazing.It is because of these advantages because of peaches and plums, so many people in the countryside love to plant plums in the open space behind the house.

However, speaking of these fruits, it is always reminiscent of the old saying, and it is also often told by the elderly, that is, "Peach is full of apricot injury, lifts the dead under the plum tree", it means that peaches can be full, but apricot apricot, but apricotEating too much will hurt our body, and the plum is even more powerful, and eating too much will endanger life.

Why is this?Is it poisonous?It is estimated that many people have doubts in this regard since childhood. Let’s take a look together today.

Li Zi is the fruit of the Roset family. The study found that Li Zi was originally from the southeast of his nation -norcete. He has a long history of planting in my country.And because Li Zi has a strong adaptability to the climate and the reproduction ability is not weak, it is widely planted in China.Common in hillside shine, pilot forest or water, water bottom, roadside, and other places.

As an excellent fruit, Li Zi has been very popular since ancient times. It can be eaten raw, can also make fruit, can be canned, brewed.It is not only delicious and delicious, but also has a high nutritional value.

At a very early time, the ancients found that Li Zi could still be used as medicine. In "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica", it was recorded that Lizi flavored glycolic acid, which has the effects of clearing heat, rejuvenating, benefiting water, and health.

According to modern medical research, plums can promote the secretion of gastric acid and gastric digestive enzymes, which can indeed help improve appetite, promote digestion, and often eat the effects of beauty and beauty and lubricating skin.

That being the case, why did the ancients say "lift the dead under the plum tree"?Does it make sense?

Regarding why Lizi can’t eat more, it is dangerous to eat.There is a saying in the folk, that is, when the big saint Lao Tzu was born, the surname was named Li Er, and it was called Lizi. It was a pronunciation with the plums we

Of course, this is nonsense, and the ancients said that Li Zi could not eat more, it also made sense.Because many people don’t know, although plums are delicious, they are toxic.

This ancient man had discovered it for a long time. For example, Sun Siyu, the medicine king of the Tang Dynasty, once said: "(Li Zi) is not eaten, it is virtuous." The Ming Dynasty Lan Mao also mentioned in the "South Yunnan herbal": "(Li Zi) Do not eat more and damage the spleen and stomach. "

However, everyone doesn’t have to worry too much. Although Li Zi is toxic, it is not toxic and is not as horrible as many people imagined.The reason why plum is poisonous is because it contains a substance called hydrocyanic acid. This substance is toxic, especially the hydrocyanic acid content in the uncoocured plums.Symptoms such as dizziness, chest tightness, nausea and weakness, and these are symptoms of poisoning.

Moreover, the fruits of plums are a bit special, not all of them are suitable for eating, especially some special crowds. It is really dangerous to eat more plums.Like the children greedy when they were young, they felt sore teeth when they ate more plums.

In fact, this is because the acidic substances contained in plums are relatively high, and it will corrode our teeth.Therefore, for children and the elderly, it is not suitable to eat plums.In particular, children or calcium deficiency people should pay attention to eating more plums that may affect bone development.

In addition, it is also important to note that eating too much has a greater impact on the gastrointestinal and intestines, so some people with gastrointestinal diseases should eat less or not eat plums.Like in the past, some people often say that they have stomach pain and uncomfortable as soon as they eat plums. This is because a large amount of fruit acid in plums is making monsters, which will promote the secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzymes.Stomach acid and digestive enzymes will bring a serious burden on the stomach.

In the end, one thing is that eating plums should avoid part of the food, because Li Zi cannot eat with many other things. It is estimated that many people have known that plums can not eat with honey, and it is best to eat fish. It is best to eat fish.Don’t eat plums, and vinegar and plums are not recommended to eat together.

It is understood now, the ancients said that "the lifts under the plum trees", although there are exaggerated ingredients, but it is not unreasonable, because if it is too much to eat it, it is really harmful to our body, especially some bodies have diseases in the body.The crowd is very dangerous to eat more plums.

And also pay attention, that is, when eating plums, pay attention to avoid some foods and not eat together.If you pay attention to these problems, there is no problem with the moderate amount of plums, and love is good for the body!

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