As the old saying, "Peach raising apricot hurts people, and the three kinds of fruits can be eaten?

Rural areas and rural areas are glad to share the rural areas with you. Today I will tell you about rural saying.As the old saying, "Peach raising apricot hurts people, buried under the plum tree", what does it mean?Can these three fruits be eaten?

With the arrival of summer, various seasonal fruits have begun to go public.Among them, the most well -known is watermelon, melon, peach, plum, apricot, plum.

I do n’t know if you find it. Peach, plums, and apricot fruits have a commonality, that is, fruits belonging to nuclear fruit, and the nucleus has a hard shell of wood.The biggest feature of this kind of fruit is that it does not store starch, and the sweetness does not change even after mature. For this reason, it cannot be stored. It can only be eaten in summer and eats the freshest.

It is precisely because of these fruits that are very seasonal that this season is very fresh and very popular. It is unknown that there is such a saying behind these fruits, that is, "peach raising people apricot hurts people, buried under the Lizi tree".

I believe that when many friends see this, they will have questions in their hearts. Why do these fruits be associated with the wounded and dead?Can’t these fruits be eaten?Let me take a look at the "secret" behind this saying.

It is understood that the three fruits of Tao, Xing and Li have strong taboos.

First, peach raising people.Taozi has been regarded as nourishing food since ancient times, especially can replenish qi and blood, prolonging aging and extending life.Because peaches are rich in vitamins and fibers, they can speed up the human body for metabolism, prevent constipation, etc., so peach nourishment.

So, many people want to eat more, of course, can’t.Because peach sugar is high and warm food, it is easy to get fat when you eat too much, and it will also cause people’s emotional instability, angry, and even eating too much. It is not recommended to eat more.

Second, apricot hurts people.Xingzi is not the same as Taozi. Not only is it small but also belongs to sweet and sour, it has an appetizer.The more important thing is that apricot contains strong acidity, which can easily cause the acidity in the stomach to surge, cause stomach pain and diarrhea, and can also cause sour teeth.In addition, apricot is a hot food and is easy to get angry.So that people treat the apricot as a "hurt" food.

Of course, we must also know that apricot also has a certain anti -aging effect, and it is also rich in trace elements such as iron and potassium, which can prevent anemia and relieve emotional tension.It’s just that apricot can only eat a small amount, or a few, especially in comparison of peaches, eat less.

Third, buried people under the plum tree.The fruits of plums can be described as acidic. Eating one or two will make the body feel uncomfortable, especially the bitter plums and water that is not sinking.And plums are cold foods and are easy to diarrhea, so it is not recommended to eat more since ancient times.

Of course, as a kind of fruit, there are still many delicious foods, clearing the liver and water, promoting digestion, and lowering pressure and cough.So eating less is also good.

In short, the peach is warm, and it rarely produces discomfort after eating peaches; apricot is hot and easy to get angry; the plum is cool and easy to diarrhea.

For these three kinds of fruits, everyone can eat.For the amount of consumption, pay attention to less. For example, the amount of intake of peaches should not exceed 1 catties in one day, 2 is appropriate; there should be no more than 6 apricot, 3 are appropriate; the plums should not exceed 5, 2-3 are appropriate.

Well, the above is the saying about summer fruits today.In other words, do you like to eat 3 kinds of fruits?Do you think the old saying makes sense?You can leave a message, comment, and tell you about your views.

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