As soon as the "Auntie" came, the head hurts, 4 moves teach you to relieve

Many women have such experiences. Each time the "aunt" is coming, not only has stomach pain, but also headaches, and sometimes it can even relieve painless slices.

This headache usually has a unilateral temple beating on the first day of menstrual period, which is very regular.If light is better, there will be symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and vomiting if you are severe.

You may feel that the aunt is just a few days, and the forbearance passes.That’s it that you haven’t experienced it. Once your aunt has a headache, it is really painful.

Many people will be strange, even the menstrual stomach pain is even more, why is it a headache?

Let’s first come to science, what is migraine.

Migraphy is a common chronic nervous system disease that brings a serious physiological burden.The prevalence of women is 18%, the prevalence of men is 6%, and the age of 25-55 is a high-incidence.

The main manifestation of migraine is a sudden headache, usually a unilateral headache, which will increase after the activity. At the same time, it will be accompanied by symptoms such as crowded, nausea, and vomiting.

So what’s the matter with migraine migraine?

As the name suggests, menstrual migraine refers to the headache during menstruation. Generally, the migraine manifestation on the first day of menstruation is the heaviest.

Is it a headache that occurs during menstrual period?

In fact, in the third edition of the third edition of the international headache in 2019, the criteria for diagnosis of menstrual migraine is that the migraine occurs in two consecutive menstrual cycles for 3 consecutive menstrual cycles to confirm the diagnosis.

So why do menstrual migraine occur?

Menstrual migraine may be related to the significant decrease in estrogen content in women’s menstrual period, leading to obvious fluctuations in the level of estrogen contained in serum.Because when serum’s estrogen level fluctuates significantly, some painful substances cause migraine.

Since menstrual migraine pain is so painful, what are the factor?

The first is long -term consumption of chocolate, cheese, sweets, pickling foods, etc.At the same time, foods and alcoholic beverages rich in tyrosine can induce migraine.

The second is to take drugs such as contraceptive pills or vascular dilation agents, which may also cause migraine.

Third, if we have a tight spirit, too stress, and often staying up late, we will also induce menstrual migraine.

Knowing these reasons, how can we relieve menstrual migraine?

First, try to drink as little as possible before menstruation.Although sometimes "slightly sloppy state" can help sleep, alcohol metabolism may cause headaches.

Secondly, keep exercise during menstruation.You don’t need to perform severe exercise or roll exercise, you can choose to jog or walk slowly. If you have time, you can also massage your neck and back brain.

Third, pay attention to keep warm.In particular, pay attention to the warmth of the head, abdomen, and feet, and avoid blowing the air conditioner or fan directly to these parts.

Finally, ensure sleep time and rest quality.Relax, adjust your life, maintain an optimistic and comfortable mood, and prevent menstrual headache.

If the symptoms of migraines have already occurred, how should we treat it?

Different cases need to be divided: if headaches are not common and duration is short, only two days before menstrual period, you can take oral painkillers during headaches.If the headache lasts for a long time, but it can obtain predictability when recording the time and frequency of headache.So after communicating with the doctor, predictable headaches can be taken in advance.If headaches are not regular and difficult to predict, they need to cooperate with doctors for long -term preventive treatment.

In other words, if the degree of headache is mild and basically does not affect work and life, you can adjust yourself.When the menstrual period is over, the estrogen gradually returns to normal, and the headache will improve itself.

However, if your menstrual migraine symptoms are more severe, it has affected normal work and life, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, cooperate with doctors to formulate a reasonable treatment plan, and do not blindly take medicine to avoid causing more serious damage.

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