Article 2: I heard that the baby will have a fever when eating ice cream?Does the family let the air conditioners blow?Go out for a banquet …

The cause of the baby’s stomach pain (article 2): Is the baby really afraid of cold?Does it affect the mixed?Will ice cream eat a fever?Can’t you blow the air conditioner?Family family members are rushing to feed, do you want to stop it?

The baby hurts his stomach, and the mother -in -law said that the child cannot eat ice cream.Grandma said that the child had just added supplementary food and could not eat meat.I feel that the watermelon just taken from the refrigerator is not clean.The family did not say that it was feeded outside.How to blame each other when the child was in trouble, but couldn’t make a noise.Eating a banquet with relatives and friends, everyone rushed to feed him to eat, making him uncomfortable.

I proposed that my family said that it’s okay. Didn’t you all fed it like this when you were a kid?This is not a child, but everyone blames me should not turn on the air conditioner. Is it bad or cold?How do we understand?I found that the child had to eat it once, and the stomach was not good since then.What is going on?The cause of the baby’s stomach pain can be tight, and it is often slow.The main reason for the slowness in the last issue is the main reason for the anxiety.

But children recover slowly, and in the process, they are often stimulated again, further slowing down recovery.Don’t deal with it randomly.Sometimes it should be better for a few days, but it is so tossing for a long time.How to do?If you forget it, you will talk to you.

· First, it’s cold.Adapt to hot and cold step by step.I refer to one who never eats and wears cold.Suddenly, the body will not adapt for a while and a half.What kind of environment do you give it?What kind of environment will it adapt.

For example, the previous example, there are children who can’t eat ice cream, on the one hand, it may not be able to stand the milk essence, additives and other ingredients.There are many children who have never been eating cold, and he suddenly can’t get up.Does that mean that Xinyuan teaches everyone not to eat cold?We are talking about a very simple reason.Beasts and primitive people can only eat cold, and in winter, they can only drink ice water.After a long time, isn’t all the species adapting?

Let’s not say far away. The life conditions of the primitive people have not been so good decades ago. Don’t everyone adapt?So in terms of theory, from the actual development of natural development.Children can adapt to the environment, but now the conditions are good, and they are often reluctant to let the child suffer.Not discussing it is good or hot, and it is often endless.

First understand a simple fact. The child has never drank ice water under the protection of adults. His small belly has been adapted to a warm environment, and children’s reactions are often exaggerated.Some children eat a whole ice cream, and it is not uncommon to vomit and even burn.The same reason for wearing cold, such as always wearing small clothes with belly, never blowing air conditioners and blowing fans. Suddenly such coolness is of course not suitable, so it is not its own problem, but the speed and speed of cooling and heat changes.A degree.

In the end, it is attributed to the problem of habits. What is inappropriate or suddenly mixed with the diet that adapts to the variety of food types and traits.What MM said last time, or tolerance or food in the refrigerator was not clean, in short, the child was bad.You can take a look in the last issue. This wants to add it. Even if the child has eaten the right food, if you eat too much in one breath, the child may be very uncomfortable.

For a chestnut, the child was not so pale and light at home.Suddenly, when I returned to my hometown in the New Year, everyone loved the child. As long as the child was shaking in front of him, he kept stuffing him to eat, and he ate a lot of miscellaneous snacks when playing.At the banquet, you need to eat a lot of big fish and meat and other foods.Everyone wants to make the children taste more. It seems that it is okay. The child vomits and pulls, and it is not uncommon to burn it overnight.Adults are often confused.

I ate everything when I was a kid. Why didn’t these moths come out?It is really necessary to eat.Usually it is a small dish. At this time, snacks, fruits, nuts, big fish and big meat, and a large amount of ingredients and food additives. Can children stand it?Time has not finished, and I will tell you the next issue.

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